12 Days of Christmas Offers 2020

To  help get into the Christmas spirit, we are excited to announce our spectacular 12 Days of organic Christmas promotion!

Enjoy our 12 days of organic Christmas from the 1st to the 12th of December, we will be running a different deal on each day. The code for each unique promotion will last 24 hours, but it will change everyday at midnight.

We don’t want to spoil the surprise of all the amazing offers we will doing, but for example, one day could be a big discount on a particular item, then the next could be a free gift with each order!

It’s up to you whether to order on one day, or whether you wait until another day to see if it’s an offer more suited to you!

All we can guarantee is there will be a lot of great promotions that we have never before offered at Organica J.  The promotion is a thank you to all our customers, old and new.

The codes will be announced on our Facebook  and Instagram pages each day so please make sure to like/follow these accounts.

We hope you manage to get something that’s been on your Christmas list this year in our 12 days of Christmas offers!

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The codes must be used at the checkout. The codes will be announced daily on our social media channels (Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/OrganicaJ) (Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/organicaj)
  2. The codes are only valid for 24 hours. Customers cannot request to change codes for another day’s code.
  3. It may be the case that some promotion codes will not show up in order confirmation or at the checkout. In such cases, you will be contacted once your order is placed with details about the promotion you have applied for.

Win a Luxury Organic Christmas Hamper

Would you like to be in with a chance of winning this Luxury Organic Christmas Hamper? Worth over £58?


Does someone you care about deserve a bit of pampering this Christmas? Or perhaps you’re in need of some relaxation too!

Win a Luxury Organic Christmas Hamper

This luxury organic Christmas hamper contains some of our most luxurious products, so you can make this Christmas one to remember. All products are free from GM and animal testing. All vegetarian friendly (I can also make the prize vegan friendly if wanted by the winner)

The hamper contains:

  • Orange & Frankincense Organic Soap 90g  – gentle & moisturising for sensitive skin, helpful for mature and dry skin
  • Nervous Exhaustion Pulse Point Roller Ball. 10ml.   De-stress and balance.  Use on the pulse points on the neck and wrist and use the gentle, but powerful effect of aromatherapy when you need it – even when you are on the go
  • Restful Evening Bath & Body Oil 50ml – (with lavender, rose geranium & roman chamomile) the ultimate chill out at the end of a busy day
  • Lavender and Lavender Flower Organic Soap 90g – excellent for sensitive skins.  Soothing, calming and gentle. Amazingly cleansing and moisturising
  • Natural Lip Balm 15ml – protects and nourishes naturally against the elements
  • Two essential oil blends 10ml each – one festive, both excellent for de-stressing – Orange & Frankincense and Meditation (with frankincense, sandalwood, lavender & vetiver) 10ml of each. both are fantastic for unwinding and relaxing
  • Lavender Sachet – with organic lavender heads and lavender essential oil. Use in drawers/cupboards for scenting or beside your pillow to aid sleep.
  • Reflexology Foot Balm – 60ml relax and revive your feet at the end of a busy day with the rich, moisturising blend of organic and wildcrafted oils.  Also really helpful for protecting the feet from the harmful effects of winter weather.

The competition closes at midnight on Wednesday 9th December , so we can get your luxury organic Christmas hamper to the winner, in plenty of time for the 25th!

Good luck!

Remember we have lots of perfect organic gift ideas available for Christmas, you can even make up your own gift box

The competition is being held on Facebook – you can access the post via this link.

To enter you must:



3. TAG A FRIEND in the comments who you would share the prize with!

Terms and Conditions.

  1. UK only 
  2. Competition will finish at midnight December 9th 2020.
  3. Entry only counts if participant has both SHARED the original competition post and LIKED the Organica J Facebook Page.
  4. Winner will be drawn randomly and contacted via Facebook
  5. Winner must contact within 3 days to receive prize or else another winner will be drawn. 
  6. Postage costs to deliver the prize will be covered by Organica J
  7. Our decision will be final.

Orange & Frankincense Blend – Top Ten Uses

Welcome to another of Organica J’s Top Ten Uses! This month will be focusing on 10 helpful uses for my Orange and Frankincense Blend.  This blend is incredibly popular at the run up to Christmas, but it properties and benefits go way beyond being just a Christmassy scent. When working as a clinical aromatherapist I often blend these two oils together, as they have such a great synergy. Below you will find some of the uses I have for the blend.

I actually made this blend after a friend wanted to use some oils to scent some cones candles etc leading up to Christmas to give that lovely evocative festive feel, but she wanted truly natural with no synthetics. She also wanted her children to be involved with the project, and so orange and frankincense blend was perfect. I also do a Spicy Blend, which contains clove and cinnamon, which are not suitable for skin contact and are excellent for inhalation only. Spicy blend would be ok for adults wearing washing up gloves for this type of craft work.

1.  for a festive scent, add a few drops on pine cones and place in a bowl or use in a diffuser or burner.
2.  very calming & de-stressing
3.  is generally gentle enough for use with the young (3 plus unless with professional direction) and the elderly
4.  can be helpful for oily skin and also mature skin
5.  may gently calm irritability and restlessness
6.  great as a gentle uplift in darker, colder days
7.  may help movement forward in life
8.  can assist you embrace new challenges and ease self doubt

9. may help with easing naturally into sleep

10. useful for skin regeneration and wrinkles

The sweet orange oil I have in stock right now is from Spain and the the frankincense is from India . The blend is slightly orangy in colour, and is a easily poured liquid (although don’t worry the bottles all come with a dropper cap for easy drop by drop use – but it will drop out quickly, so tip the bottle slowly to dispense), It has a fabulous festive scent, sweet with tones of musky fragrance.

If you wish to use this blend on skin always blend in a carrier oil, as a rough guide 1 drop of blend to 5ml of carrier oil

If you feel this would be a useful oil for you, you can buy Orange and Frankincense essential oil blend here from Organica J.

For using essential oils for specific or complex medical problems always contact a qualified aromatherapist or check with your GP.

Protection from Winter Colds and Chills with Aromatherapy

In these more difficult times, we are all trying to look after ourselves better. Taking care of our health, and those dear to us, has probably become our number one focus this year. The subject of protection from winter colds and chills is one, that working as a clinical aromatherapist, I have been asked about by clients for many, many years. So it is a good time to revisit this topic in depth. In this article we will be looking at using organic essential oil by way of inhalation – in an oil burner or diffuser, or as a steam inhalation.

However, for use on the body, in the shower or in your bath, I do have a ready blended oil – the Aching Limbs Bath & Body Oil. This enlivening but also soothing blend, has rosemary, lavender and basil in it. These can offer a great protective element from colds and chills as well as soothing sore, aching bodies.

Eucalyptus pure essential oil organic

To provide protection from winter chills and colds – not to mention infections, there are some essential oils that I personally would always reach for and recommend for you – LemonTea treeEucalyptusLavenderCypress, Thyme & Bergamot 

Some protective oil blends

You can use these oils  individually in a burner of diffuser – or blend two or more together for a stronger synergy.  A pleasant blend, I think, to the nose, is 1 drop cypress 2 drops lemon and 2 drops bergamot.  This blend is not only air cleaning, but hugely uplifting too.

A few drops are all you need to clear a room in your burner or diffuser, don’t be tempted to use more, or else it will become overpowering. Start with a small amount of drops, I always recommend three to four should be enough, unless your room is very large. If a smaller flat or room start with two and if you need it is easy to add one or two more.  A more medicinal blend would be 2 drops tea tree, 1 drop eucalyptus, 1 drop thyme and 1 drop lemon. This is a brilliant combination, really helpful with immune health, but good for respiratory protection or issues.

From very young I remember watching Mum using oils in a bowl with hot water on the table, while she was bent over the bowl with a towel over her head and the bowl, when she had a cold. This method is a little risky with the hot water, and not recommended for the young, elderly or vulnerable. I would say it would now be better to simply use a cup of hot water, not full of course, so that you can hold on to it while steaming. We are also lucky now, as we can use this treatment, but not in such a risky way with the possibility of the hot water tipping over . There are now facial steamers/inhalers on the market that you can buy so you can use the essential oils in them much more safely, and get the good effect that they can give with this method of inhalation.

Festive Protection

For a completely different essential oil blend that is helpful in clearing the air, one that is often only used for its decorative scent, is my  Spicy Heaven blend.  This  has a very festive, Christmassy smell, but the cinnamonclove & frankincense (sweet orange is the other ingredient) can be a powerful help to banish unwanted airborne infections. Just perfect at this time of year to add a uplifting Christmas feel into the home as well as give you that extra element of protection. Another oil that helps clear the air is Lemon Scented Tea Tree (note a different botanical ‘family’ to the better known Tea Tree)

It may not be possible to use an oil burner or diffuser when at work, but you can still have an essential oil or blend on a tissue so that you can inhale when possible during the day.

For extra protection from winter colds and chills – Tea treeeucalyptus, thyme bergamot are also believed to be immunostimulants.  They are again helpful to lift your immune system when the stress of the what we have all been through this year depletes it, or everyone has the cold or flu around you.

Safety information. 

  • All these blends are for inhalation use only. For use on the body, contact a qualified aromatherapist who will do a full consultation (medical and lifestyle) with you, and can provide you with treatment blends made for your individual health needs.
  • Take care with the hot water to avoid any scalds or burns. Do not use with or with very small children present. Older children or the elderly to be supervised at all times while using inhalations.
  • If you are using a bowl/cup of water, place it on a mat or towel to that it doesn’t slip or mark any surfaces
  • If you feel during inhalation, that the aromatherapy steam is too much, lift the towel or take your face from the steamer and have some fresh air before continuing. Stop entirely if you feel uncomfortable.
  • Take medical advice before using inhalations if you suffer from asthma, hay fever or other allergies.
  • A good recommendation is hen first trying an inhalation, inhale the steam for 30 seconds, see if you have any reaction. If there are no adverse reactions, repeat a few hours later, increasing the time to 1 minute. Then gradually increase the inhalation time up to 5 minutes maximum.
  • Do not use steam inhalations if you have broken veins / thread veins on the face.
  • If you have a complex medical history/medications always check with your GP before using essential oils, or ask a qualified aromatherapist

Aromatherapy for Loss and Grief

I wrote a blog post two years ago, about aromatherapy for loss and grief, but because of what I personally have been through along with most everyone else in the UK and indeed the world this year, it was time to rewrite it and revisit this important topic. Aromatherapy is an extremely gentle, but powerful tool when loss and grief is present.

I have obviously faced big challenges with the business in this difficult climate, BUT I am SO lucky to have incredible customers, who have supported me throughout with their custom. Thank you SO MUCH!! I will continue to work hard to provide the products and support that you all need to the very best of my abilities.

Using Aromatherapy Gives Back So Much

However business has not been my main focus this year. We lost my dearest Mother In Law, Hazel ( who was one of my closest friends) last month through cancer. She got a terminal diagnosis in November last year. I have used all my knowledge with aromatherapy & my products to support where it was wanted. I am also in the final days of my two year course in Calmology (with an amazing teacher, Sandy Newbigging), and I had the absolute joy of doing twice weekly online meditation sessions with Hazel, and my daughter (who is at the other end of the country) throughout lockdown this year. When the rules allowed, I gave Hazel foot massages using oils in the blend and also using a diffuser. After so long without a loving touch, it was so fabulous to see her enjoying these sessions. This was one of the most special things that I have ever been able to give with my skills – I am very grateful for them.

So after this personal loss, and all the loss of all different kinds that is going around us all each day, it is incredibly important to take time to look after ourselves and also support each other. Aromatherapy (and meditation) are the most fantastic ‘tools’ we can have in our tool box, in my opinion. So here are some blends – aromatherapy for loss and grief. I have included some more blends to give you a wider range to choose from here, but of course you can make up your own blends too.

Roller Balls and Diffusers

I have used my diffuser (I absolutely love my new electric diffuser!) not just when I am taking time for myself at the end of the day, but use it when I am in meetings with clients, sometimes when I am working in the office at the Mac as I am now, when I am doing my course. In short, whenever I feel it would be supportive, instead of waiting for a time when I am not working/laying aside time for myself, as this I have found narrows down the time that is available for self-care. You can bring it in during your day too, this is why I added the two pulse point roller balls to my range, so your aromatherapy is portable and accessible at most times during the day for you, where it may be not so suitable to use a diffuser. (I am developing more roller ball blends right now)

You can choose from Restful Evening (helpful to relax, release tension, and also to aid sleep at the end of the day) or Nervous Exhaustion (supports you to de-stress and balance). They safely blended for use on the skin and are in a 10ml Roller Ball for easy application to the pulse points These are wrists, behind ears, at base of neck at the front. I would recommend using only two sites, wrists and front of neck. Only a little is required on each application – less is more, with this effective approach to aromatherapy. I also recommend at night a little on front of top of chest – for extra inhalation too.

Both the Restful Evening and Nervous Exhaustion blends are also available as a Aromatherapy Bath and Body Oil (50ml) for using in your bath, after your shower, for a body moisturiser or for massage (self massage or with your friend or partner). I have found that a self massage of hands, feet, neck and shoulder area is incredibly soothing. Even if you have body restrictions reaching feet, it is often possible to work with your hands. I have a video here that shows a self hand massage. It is not necessary (although fabulous when possible) to have someone to do it for you.

Comforting Aromatherapy Blends

If I was asked to use a single oil for use for grief and loss I would choose from this list:  nerolirose ottoroman chamomilepetitgraincypressfrankincenseclary sagelavender.

Having mentioned all the individual oils I would reach for, it would be much more normal for me to use a blend.  I am deliberately using low levels of essential oils, when faced with these emotional circumstances (as I mention above) it is definitely a case of ‘less is more’ with essential oils.  The first choice of essential oil blend would probably be 1 drop rose otto, 2 drops frankincense, 1 drop cypress.  Use in a diffuser, or oil burner.  Alternatively the way I prefer to use a pure essential oil blend is on a tissue by my pillow overnight.

Lavender Essential Oil for Grief and Loss

If you prefer a blend for use on the body, mix these essential oils with a carrier such as jojoba or evening primrose oil (10ml). If you have a good quality olive oil in the cupboard that is great too for using on the body.  I recommend to clients to use a blend with carrier oil on the upper chest area, gently rubbed into this area of the body before sleep. Then again, if you wish to use it during the day, especially when you are feeling very affected with grief. As I mention above with my own pulse point roller balls, many people also like to use a blend on the pulse points on the wrists. You don’t have to have a roller ball to do this, just apply a tiny amount of the blend using a clean finger onto the pulse points.

Another helpful blend would be  1 drop neroli, 2 drops lavender, 1 drop roman chamomile.  Or 1 drop rose otto, 2 drops petitgrain, 1 drop clary sage.  Use these blends in the same way as suggested above.

Aromatherapy Blends Are As Unique As You Are

My recommendation for aromatherapy for loss and grief would be to use a blend that you like the smell of very much,and the gentle, comforting fragrance will soothe you when you need it most.  For an ‘off the shelf’ ready made blend, you could find our Aromatherapy Bath & Body Oil Restful Evening which contains lavender, rose geranium and roman chamomile, very helpful indeed.

Everyone reacts differently and copes with grief and loss in a different way, there is no textbook way to manage it.  The joy of essential oils is there are so many different oils to choose to suit our differing needs and when you blend them together they give a more powerful synergy – and create a completely new fragrance.  You can tweak the amounts of each essential oil in the blends to, which will create yet another fragrance.  Find an oil or blend that really resonates with you right now.  Be aware also as you journey forward through processing these emotions, you may be drawn to different oils or blends, and I would recommend that you listen to your own inner guidance on this.

Choose What is Right for You

In this article I have spoken solely about a self-help aromatherapy approach to grief and loss.  Some of my clients first came to see me for aromatherapy massage because they were looking for help and support with their emotions.  Again, you may find yourself attracted to different therapies. Find the one which is most aligned to your own individual needs, but you could find therapy and/or counselling extremely helpful.  Talking about your grief and loss to sympathetic friends/family members or a trained professional can be greatly comforting.

Be gentle with yourself, and take time to take care of yourself at all times.  This is true for everyone, but especially for those who care for others, as they often do not see themselves as a priority, but  ideally to care for others, we firstly need to be ok ourselves.

If you have a complex medical history/medications always check with your GP before using essential oils, or ask a qualified aromatherapist

Bergamot Essential Oil – Top Ten Uses

Welcome to another of Organica J’s Top Ten Uses! This month will be focusing on 10 helpful uses for Bergamot essential oil (citrus bergamia) .  When working as a clinical aromatherapist I often turn to bergamot when working with clients who could benefit from its gentle, but powerful uplift.

I remember very clearly using it on my own daughter when she was younger, on her chickenpox, blended along with tea tree and lavender to ‘dot on’ the spots. The spots come up and went very quickly and stayed very small. Many clients have used this blend containing bergamot essential oil for this since.

I also use bergamot as one ingredient in my Rose Heaven blend of essential oils. It is also in my personal favourite, Rose Heaven soap. I use bergamot in these products for its amazing power to uplift and calm.

1.  uplifting, can be helpful for anxiety and mild depression
2.  may be helpful for emotional stress with its sedative properties
3.  deodorising and cooling
4.  may be helpful for cystitis & urinary infections
5.  it has antiseptic properties and is good for minor wounds
6.  dispelling cold sores, helpful with chickenpox and shingles
7.  may help to regulate appetite (working with a professional aromatherapist)
8.  can be helpful for oily skin & acne

9. can be good for easing indigestion & flatulence

10. it is supportive of the grieving process

The Bergamot that I sell is from Italy (where the oil originated from). The oil is a lovely green colour and is produced by cold expression from the rind of the almost ripe fruit. The fruit is from the citrus bergamia tree. Bergamot essential oil has an exquisite citrusy, fresh scent.

Please note: do not use undiluted Bergamot on the skin, always use in low percentages in any blend that is to be left on the skin (ie not washed off, such as in soaps). Especially if used on skin that is to be exposed to strong sunlight. Wait at least 12 hours after application to the body before exposing your skin to strong sunlight. You can also obtain a bergaptene free bergamot oil.

If you feel this would be a useful oil for you, you can buy Bergamot essential oil here from Organica J.

For using essential oils for specific or complex medical problems always contact a qualified aromatherapist or check with your GP.

Experienced Chiropractor and Mentor

Chiropractor – Dr Nimarta Paul MSc (Chiro), MScApp (Paediatrics) DC FRCC

Dr Nimarta is an experienced bespoke Chiropractor and Mentor offers multidisciplinary services and care, for physical, emotional, nutritional and spiritual cultivation of health and wellbeing. 

Services include Chiropractic, Cranial-sacral Therapy, Applied Kinesiology and Nutrition, Genius Biofeedback Practitioner, Mentoring for exceptional living, Spiritual healing.

She lives and breathes for a greater world also specialising in helping mothers and babies have the greatest possible start in life with chiropractic care and love.

Helping Patients Achieve Optimal Health

Dr Nimarta Paul is passionate about life, health, and fitness, helping patients achieve optimal health and be the best version of themselves. She graduated in 2002 from Anglo-European College of Chiropractic University College and later completed Masters degree in the field of Paediatric Musculoskeletal Health.  Nimarta is committed to provide and support tailor made solutions for her patients healthcare journey.

As an experienced Chiropractor and health specialist, with extensive knowledge, understanding and techniques, which includes chiropractic neurology, rehabilitation, applied kinesiology and cranial-sacral therapy.  Nimarta cares for all ages of the community and family, including prenatal, pregnancy, paediatric and elderly. With additional focus on how to benefit from lifestyle and nutritional choices. 

 Having a special interest in pregnancy and paediatrics, Dr Nimarta aims is to provide a high level of care throughout pregnancy ensuring comfort and safety, including aftercare once your baby has arrived. 

In August 2005 Dr Nimarta was involved in a road traffic accident and had a near-death experience, waking up paralysed on her left.  Her dedication and passion for mind, body and soul healing has lead her to discover new holistic healing techniques.  Through her understanding and use of ancient holistic techniques she has no physical symptoms, see article in blog. This has lead her to develop, inspire and empower limitless abilities in her clients as a Life Performance Mentor.  

​Dr Nimarta travels the world attending the industry’s most influential seminars and training for her own professional and personal growth.  As an experienced navigator of life, Dr Nimarta mentors individuals, leaders and entrepreneurs to become a force for good living with passion and purpose. 

Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, Dr Nimarta also offers a virtual teletherapy service.

“When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.”

– Lao Tzu 



Mobile:  +44 (0) 7527276341

Phone:+44 (0) 1224 323693

Tarland Virtual Market

Saturday 26th September 2020, Tarland Virtual Market

The Virtual Market is being brought to everyone by the organisers of the successful bi-annual Tarland Market in September 2020 in response to the pandemic situation. This is to be a part, as it usually would, of the hugely successful Tarland Food and Music Festival. The full festival will run online from Friday 25th – Sunday 27th September. There is lots of things to enjoy including fabulous local musician, Paul Anderson, Check out the page here Festival Facebook page, where it is happening. The festival is in it’s seventh year, celebrating quality local food and Tarland’s thriving music scene. Join in the fun online!

Tarland is a simply fabulous, well organised market. So I am delighted to be invited to head online with everyone this year to Tarland Virtual Market.

For the last 20 years, Organica J has been a local producer of artisan organic aromatherapy skincare products.  From my base in Finzean, working as a clinical aromatherapist, with organic and wild-crafted ingredients, I have carefully created a wide range of products.

Organica J’s 20th birthday year has been an unusual one to say the least!!  I am lucky that I use a safe and secure separate workshop, where I wear the relevant protection to create the products that many clients use regularly.  So I have been able to carry on supplying everyone with what they need during this challenging time.

Many of my vegetarian friendly products are very soothing and helpful to manage skin that is under threat with so much hand cleansing. Starting with the organic nourishing, moisturising soap itself, (you can choose from 8 different soaps), through to treatments for already damaged skin such as the best selling Gardeners Hand Balm and Skin SOS Balm.

Skin SOS Balm 2020

These two products are made using our Comfrey Macerate, which can be so helpful for skin repair, blemishes and lots more.  We harvest comfrey from your local environment in Lower Deeside, from a private protected piece of ground.  Completely sustainably, using only the best of young leaves.  The whole process is done from leaf to jar, so you can guarantee top quality.  Using organic ingredients I also create Comfrey Ointment, Herbal Foot Balm, Reflexology Foot Balm from the comfrey macerate.

I also macerate my own calendula flowers from organically certified flower heads, here in Finzean. I use the Calendula Macerate to make the gentle and calming for inflamed skin, and skin prone to eczema and psoriasis – Calendula Ointment.

Aromatherapy can be a great tool to aid sleep and soothe frazzled nerves, calm and help find balance.  My two pulse point roller balls have been flying off the shelves. Restful Evening which can help with sleep and Nervous Exhaustion which can help to relax and balance.  These blends are also available in a Bath and Body Oil for using in the bath, after a shower as a body moisturiser and also for a home massage.  They are made with 100% organic ingredients.  I also stock a full range of mood enhancing organic essential oil blends such as Rose Heaven (balance & uplift), Love (soothe, relax, unwind), Meditation (reconnecting with peace) and more as well as a large range of single organic essential oils.

The Aloe Vera gel is made here in Deeside using our own fabulous Deeside Water, which has its own scientifically proven properties.  What better gel to use for soothing burnt skin or for other skin issues.  You can also use the gel to create your own products by adding essential oils of your choice.  I have done exactly that in creating my incredibly popular Muscle Rub and Midge and Mozzie Balm.  The first has been used by a large amount of local footballers, cyclists, runners and walkers. Clients also use it for achy muscles and joints from tension and other issues.   The second has been tried and tested over many years and found to be gentle and effective.

I guarantee a friendly first class service where every customer is important. 

You can find a wide range of Organica J’s products at local Aberdeenshire stockists:- 

Finzean Farm Shop;  

Corner Shop, Aboyne;

Buchanans Bistro, Banchory; 

Platform 22, Torphins;

Bee Cabin, Aboyne; 

Mains of Drum Garden Centre, Drumoak;  

Or for a postal service, you can order online at www.organicaj.co.uk.  

Further information can be obtained by emailing Jacqui@organicaj.co.uk or call 01330 850257.

Join us at Tarland Virtual Market on Saturday 26th September 2020

Self Isolation Fitness and Wellbeing Advice Group

Organica J and Josephine Christie Fitness

My daughter, Josephine Christie, a Personal Trainer in Brighton, and I have set up our Self Isolation Fitness and Wellbeing Advice Group on Facebook.

The aim of  our Group is to help people to cope better with what we are all facing at the moment in this health crisis. When we both discovered that our businesses would be hard hit along with our many clients who are either working incredibly hard at the front line, or in their businesses or are finding themselves at home in lockdown and self-isolation. We wanted to do something that would provide them and everyone who wants to join us with some things that can help.