Templars Antiques

Templars Antiques – Living The DreamTemplars Antiques

“At last!” says owner Gabrielle, “I have my own shop – Templars Antiques. Finally, after working in various hospitality and retail family ventures over the years”.

She grew up in a fabulous old mansion house on the River Dee. It was steeped in history, and full of interesting old things, which instilled in her a passion for old things, curios, and a love of nature. Gabrielle bought an old house three years ago, near the shop, which has been totally renovated in a traditional style, and is still a work in progress.


Roman Chamomile – Top Ten Uses

Roman Chamomile

Welcome to another of Organica J’s Top Ten Uses! This month we will be focusing on 10 helpful uses for Roman Chamomile essential oil.  Its one of the oils that we use in our Aromatherapy Bath & Body Oil Restful Evening which is ready blended for use on the body or in the bath/shower.   Working as a clinical aromatherapist, I often reach for Roman Chamomile to use in my therapeutic treatments with clients.  Here are what I think are its top ten uses.


Win a Years Supply of Organic Soap


We are giving away a special hamper worth over £50 containing our full collection of organic soaps which are hand made in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
The soaps include: Lavender & lavender flowers, Geranium & Rose Petal, Peppermint, Frankincense & Orange, Meditation, Love, Rose Heaven and Gardeners & Cooks soap.


Aromatherapy for the elderly

Aromapothecary by Organica J Using aromatherapy for the elderly can be incredibly rewarding for both the giver and the recipient.  As part of my degree in complementary therapy with a focus on aromatherapy, I did part of the clinical training in a Care Home for the elderly.  It was one of the best experiences of my training.  It was amazing how little aromatherapy treatment gave incredibly pleasing results for people.


Mandarin Essential Oil – Top Ten Uses

Welcome to another of Organica J’s Top Ten Uses! This month we will be focusing on 10 helpful uses for Mandarin essential oil.  Its one of the oils that we use in our Sweet Orange Heaven Blend and in a new product that I will launch later this year.   Working as a clinical aromatherapist, I use it often in my therapeutic treatments with clients and these are the top ten uses that I would reach for Mandarin oil for.

For using essential oils for specific conditions always contact a qualified aromatherapist. (more…)

Relax, De-stress – Take Christmas In Your Stride

aroma-pothecaryRelax in an aromatherapy bath and feel the stress of the run up to Christmas fade away as you  enjoy the calming essential oils.  Taking a little time out to take care of yourself this year, can make things so much more manageable at this busy time of year.  I have never heard a client saying that they regret taking time for themselves to recharge, but I often hear them saying that they come the bottom of the list when it comes to taking ‘me’ time and then they start to struggle as they are tired.


Gardeners & Cooks Soap – New for Christmas 2016

We are very proud to introduce a new product for Christmas 2016 our Gardeners & Cooks soap.   Customers were asking for a soap that was both citrus and exfoliant, and so here it is!

The soap is still very gentle on skin using our traditional and fully natural/organic soap base of organic olive oil, coconut, palm (sustainable) and sunflower oils.  It is a hard cake of soap with a soft lather, which lasts and lasts and doesn’t turn into jelly (unless left sitting in water of course).  It contains essential oils of lemon and lime, which are excellent for using in a kitchen environment, as well as the bathroom.  They provide a refreshing, cleansing fragrance and are reputed to have disinfectant and antiseptic properties.