Geranium Essential Oil – Top Ten Uses

Welcome to Organica J’s Top Ten Uses for geranium essential oil (pelargonium graveolens).

I have used it SO much in aromatherapy and I also have it as an ingredient in many of the products I make. These include Restful Evening, Gardeners Hand Balm, Geranium and Rose soap, I am So Calm – Joy and others. You can see that I really love geranium oil and its many properties.

Here are some here:

1.  it can help regulate the nervous system, and dispel stress and tension
2.  balancing on mood, relaxing and uplifting.
3.  pmt and menopause, wonderfully balancing for hormones
4.  it is regulating on sebum in the skin
5.  can be helpful for eczema & psoriasis
6.  for bruising, as it is astringent and can help with minor wounds
7.  helpful for fluid retention, as it has a stimulating effect on the lymphatic system.
8.  eases frustration and irritability

9 it has deodorant properties

10 can help speed up healing on minor wounds

Where geranium comes from

The geranium that I offer and use in my products is pelargonium graveolens (Latin name) and I prefer to use the rose variety of geranium. That is not a geranium that has rose in it, but rather it is the name given to the best quality (I believe) of geranium. The geranium essential oil is obtained from the leaves of the plant. It is obtained by steam distillation and can vary in colour, but usually green colour.

The plant itself can grow up to 1 metre high and has hairy leaves and is a perennial. Over the years I have fallen in love with the Egyptian rose geranium, I just think it is way above the others in terms of fragrance and quality. Other places of origin include Algeria, Morocco and Bulgaria . Even within one variety there is such a difference in the oil that it productes coming from different countries of the world.

Uses of geranium since ancient times

Geranium essential oil was used by the Greeks and the Romans. Geranium was brought from South Africa to Europe in the 17th century and was highly prized in the perfume industry. It blends incredibly well with a wide range of oils including, frankincense (one of my favourite combinations), also bergamot, roman chamomile, sweet orange and rose otto. It always creates a great synergy when blended.

If you feel that geranium essential oil would be a useful oil for you,  buy it here from Organica J.  There is also available a range of other essential oils, with information on their uses, available in the essential oil category on the website.  Always use on the body blended with a carrier/vegetable oil.

If you require further information on any oils, feel free to contact us by email or phone.

NB if you have a medical condition/take medications check with your GP and/or a qualified aromatherapist before using essential oils.

Aromatherapy to support peri-menopause and menopause

This topic is very much in the forefront right now – AT LAST! So as my own personal journey with menopause has unfolded and I have found more insight, learnings and tools to share with you. I am updating hugely a previous blog on peri-menopause and menopause from an aromatherapy and meditation toolkit point of view.

I have included more aromatherapy and general information, that I have personally found to be useful and some more blends that you may enjoy to help with this time in your life.

Now at age 59 and I have been incredibly lucky in this menopause journey, while listening to clients and friends experiences. However I must give myself credit for being fully aware and taken a great deal of preparation and care with self. Everyone is different and unique with this, as in anything. That is how I treat my clients, and myself.

My Choices

I went pescetarian in my 40’s actually because of my beliefs around animals, but also very much in preparation for menopause. My initial plans were to only eat organic meat. However, I found that I just didn’t want any meat of any kind, and did not miss it. I am now fully vegetarian since autumn 2023. My body & mind is still happy with this choice.

A healthy balanced diet is extremely important to me and I do enjoy drinking Deeside Water (so not just for using in my Aloe Vera gel, Muscle Rub and Midge & Mozzie Balm, ha ha). I seem to now need salads and green vegetables each day to keep my energies up and I eat a regular amount of seeds too, which I enjoy.

I keep my sugar intake modest. Largely avoiding cakes, biscuits sweets, but plain crisps are my downfall, but do not seem to affect my hormone balance.

A glass of wine or two at the weekend used to be very fine, but I now find that alcohol and sugar can sometimes just cause hot flushes, so I’m finding even the organic wine does not agree with me. So I replaced that with a whisky topped up with water when I feel I wish to celebrate along with friends or my partner and that in moderation appears to be ok for me.

I take the Protecta blend of vitamins, which includes the B vitamins from G & G Vitamins who are a great company. I also find that highly processed foods with additives create problems for me, but I have never really had them in my diet regularly, but I am now aware they are not supportive at all.


I have also returned in the last 14 months to regular swimming (twice a week). I need fresh air, so I do a fabulous weekly, outside (yes outside!) boot camp with Rhona of Deeside Fitness and all the ladies – in the summer Rhona is looking at going back outside with her weekly Boxercise class, which I also love. t least a walk for exercise regularly before work (even in the bad weather).

I also enjoy a walk out in the lovely countryside where I live (even in the bad weather) and play the occasional game of badminton, and yoga class too. For me personally exercise has always been a really important part of my life and I think it is incredibly helpful in this transition stage of my life.

It is not my suggestion that everyone does this amount of exercise, less or more is fine of course, but I think it is hugely empowering to have it as part of your menopause support strategy.

I love, of course, also use essential oils and my blends a lot, as a fantastic support for me, alongside short daily meditation (morning and night).

Now that is just MY chosen journey so far. Yours could be totally different and that is all absolutely fine and how it should be! I haven’t mentioned HRT, simply because I haven’t used it myself. So I cannot talk from personal experience, but I definitely work with many clients who are, or have. I have supported clients who experienced many different kinds of things in menopause and peri-menopause. Many various blends and treatments have been used to support my clients, working with each person individually.

Stress & Insomnia

These can be big issues in peri-menopause and menopause. I have experienced both and they cause a spiral downwards when they catch hold. After big personal losses over the last four years, the ongoing business stresses of this present climate, plus setting up another business in partnership with my daughter recently, both stress and insomnia have been present and affected my wellbeing and menopause symptoms hugely. However again I am lucky to have all the tools at my disposal to support myself (that includes great family and close friend support).

We can return to balance only when we are aware that it has been lost. So stopping and taking stock of what is going on in your life that is helping and what is not – is always a great exercise. I can definitely recommend journalling along with meditation to support with this too.

Aromatherapy Blends recipes

Here are a number of blends that you can try to help you with hormonal and mood balance plus alleviating anxiety, insomnia or stress in menopause or peri-menopause .

 I am using low levels of essential oils, it is definitely a case of ‘less is more’ .  The blends that you will reach for will change – maybe even on a daily or weekly basis and that is just perfect. Some blends that I reach for are not a traditional blend for menopause, but right now it could be calling my name! With aromatherapy use your intuition, and go with what your body needs, it will talk if you let it, I believe. You must really be drawn to the blend for the best results.

The oils I would choose for use in menopause or peri-menopause generally are:

Clary sage, rose otto, cypressfrankincensebergamot, jasmine, rose geranium , ylang ylang and neroli

a) rose Otto 1 drop, 2 drops geranium, 3 drops bergamot

b)  frankincense 2 drops, 2 drops geranium, 1 drop cypress You can use this blend in a diffuser or burner with water, or blend with a vegetable oil (around 15ml – approx. a dessert spoon) for use on the body.

Other blends that I would recommend or have used, the top two maybe more specific for hot flushes, but they also more widely helpful too.

c) Clary sage 1 drop, 3 drops geranium, 1 drop lime, 1 drop ylang ylang

d) jasmine 2 drops, 1 drop cypress, 2 drops bergamot

e) bergamot 2 drops, 1 drop lime, 2 drops geranium

To help with sleep specifically

f) 3 drops sweet orange, 1 drop geranium, 1 drop roman chamomile (or use our ready blended Restful Evening – pulse point or bath & body oil)

g) 2 drops lavender, 1 drop frankincense, 1 drop roman chamomile

How you can use these essential oils

All these can be used in a burner or diffuser with water, or blended with the vegetable oil (around 15ml) for use on the body. What I often recommend to clients and use myself a lot too is to put the oils blended in vegetable oil on your pulse points and on the upper chest area (where easily inhaled). Do this practice both during the day, if possible, and at night time before sleep.

For ease of use the ready made Roller Ball Pulse Points and the After Shower Bath & Body Oils are also great for this. The I Am So Calm Collection is ideal for peri-menopause and menopause, you can choose from

Joy – great for reducing anxiety, lifting mood (while still relaxing) and balancing hormones.

Love – for full relaxation, emotional balance and enhanced femininity.

Meditation – for stilling your overactive mind, enhancing mind, body and soul connection and slower breathing.

My go to recently has been using one of the the After Shower, Bath & Body Blends after my bath or shower. I give to myself a relaxing and caring little ritual of self nurture. Choosing which one I need by using my intuition each day and then massage one of the the blends on my body ,and go to bed relaxed and nourished with well moisturised skin. I can definitely recommend shutting off your phone entirely prior to going to bed. Allow your mind to slow down and you can enjoy a short meditation before bed to enhance your relaxation and as part of your sleep ritual.

Alternatively you can use the blends above (without further blending in vegetable oil) – on a tissue by your pillow overnight.

You can also add these blends above once blended in vegetable/carrier oil in your bath too (just be careful with slips getting in and out of the bath and wipe down your bath afterwards). I most definitely have, as I bath almost every evening before bed. Or you can simply use them as an after shower body moisturiser and gain the benefit of the blends with a calm and more balanced mind – and nourished skin too!

Be Kind to Yourself Always

I hope that you find this blog helpful for you, just go with what is in tune with you right now, and be aware that this could well change either in time, or regularly. Use your inner guidance and if you use the blends enjoy them

Be kind to yourself always, and take regular time out for you – even 10-15mins twice a day. I cannot recommend enough the synergy of these amazing oils. Use alongside meditation, mindfulness and/or silent relaxation during menopause and peri-menopause

If you have a complex medical history/medications always check with your GP before using essential oils, or ask a qualified aromatherapist

Wild Way Retreat at Summer Solstice 2024


Discover Your Wild Self Connecting with Nature

Immerse yourself in an empowering WILD WAY RETREAT with Andrea & Lucy

at Summer Solstice at the beautiful and peaceful Embercome in Devon inclusively from Thursday 20th June til Sunday 23rd June 2024.

This retreat is exclusively for women and there are only limited places available.

Join us for a transformative 3-night retreat surrounded by peaceful and lush shared spaces.

Andrea and Lucy have designed and created this unique experience to bring you a retreat like no other.

The wild way retreat is especially and only for women and it offers you

a profound journey of self-discovery, growth, and connection with nature.

Highlights of this wild way retreat include:

Solstice Celebration: 
share this magical time of renewal.

Nature Immersion: connect deeply with the natural environment at Embercombe.
Spiral Walk: take a symbolic journey of self-reflection.

Holistic Practices: meditation, dreamwork, movement, crafting, group-work,
oracle card readings, and more, to deepen your connection with self and nature.

Shared Space: be present with like-minded women in a supportive and restorative environment.

Andrea and Lucy’s aims for your wild way retreat experience

  • Feel calmer, connected, and embodied
  • Gain insight into your triggers and patterns
  • Step into your unique power
  • Gain clarity about what you want and need for yourself
  • Feel free to be you and explore new things
  • Feel rested and relaxed
  • Explore and express emotions in a safe and professionally held environment
  • Supported by nurturing new friendship

Reserve your spot for this empowering retreat by contacting Andrea & Lucy at

Or go here for more information

Meet Your Retreat Guides Andrea Hobbs and Lucy Furniss

Lucy Furniss
Experienced Gestalt Therapist and Wild Therapist

We are delighted to introduce Lucy Furniss, an experienced Gestalt Therapist and Wild Therapist, who will be guiding you through transformative experiences during the Wild Way Retreat.

Background: With a rich background in Gestalt Therapy and Wild Therapy, Lucy has been actively working with individuals and groups in and around the New Forest and Bournemouth since 2016. Her private practice reflects her commitment to guiding others to discover and expand their inner wisdom and strengths.

Guiding Philosophy: Lucy is passionate about helping you to find your inner wild and living a spontaneous and creative life, and is dedicated to supporting you on an enriching journey of self-discovery. She believes in helping individuals connect with their inner selves, fostering psychological growth and healing. Her unique approach involves exploring and nurturing your connection to the outdoors, with a belief that the natural world has much to teach us and transformative potential.

Environmental Advocacy: Beyond personal well-being, Lucy is committed to protecting and healing our planet. She actively advocates for humanity to find its place as an integral part of the natural world, emphasizing the importance of harmony and interconnectedness.

Personal Touch: Lucy finds her greatest joy outdoors, often seen walking her dog, and immersing herself in the restorative surroundings of the forest, beach and water. Her connection to nature is not only a professional commitment but a deeply personal and fulfilling aspect of her life.

Experience Lucy’s calm presence, therapeutic guidance and knowledge as part of this Wild Way Retreat, to support you in an inspiring journey, bringing you to a deeper relationship with yourself and the world around you.

More about Lucy: For more detailed information about Lucy’s work and extensive experience, you can visit her website

Andrea Hobbs Experienced crafter-artist, Wild & Art Therapist, Meditation Mind Calm Coach, Tarot and Oracle Card Guide.

Joining us on this transformative journey is Andrea Hobbs, a seasoned expert in various realms of creativity, mindfulness, and therapeutic practices. Andrea brings a wealth of experience and a unique blend of skills to enhance your Wild Way Retreat experience.

Background: Originally trained in Art Therapy and now as a Wild Therapist, she also works for a charity. Andrea is dedicated to the holistic well-being of individuals. Her journey has led her to become a certified Meditation Mind Calm Coach, a facilitator for mindfulness art & craft groups, and a skilled guide in the realms of tarot and oracle cards.

Guiding Philosophy: Andrea offers a distinctive blend of wild creativity and intuitive pragmatism to every experience. Her approach is rooted in the belief that exploring our creativity, connecting with nature, and delving into the intuitive self can lead to profound personal transformation. She has traversed a path of alternative spirituality for over four decades, exploring a myriad of avenues and paths, and returning to nature as a primary source wisdom.

Connection to the Unseen: Andrea’s deepening connection with the unseen aspects of life infuses a unique energy into the Wild Way Retreat. Her observations will open doors to the mystical dimensions, fostering an explorative and transformative experience. By blending the mystical with her well-grounded approach, she creates a harmonious balance that can guide you through your own journey of self-discovery.

Personal Touch: Andrea is based in the picturesque County Durham. Her happiest moments are spent in nature, whether it’s the simple joy of sitting beneath her favourite oak tree with her dog in the ancient woodland close to her home, or exploring the untamed beaches of Northumberland, scanning for driftwood, shells and pebbles.

Prepare to be guided by Andrea’s vibrant expertise as you embark on this journey of self-discovery, creativity, and connection during the Wild Way Retreat. Be prepared to embrace the wisdom of nature and uncover your own beauty and power.

More about Andrea: For more detailed information about Andrea and her expansive portfolio, please visit her website at


  • Date & Time: June 20th-23rd, 2024
  • Location: Embercombe, Devon
  • Exclusively for Women

Activities Include:

  • Meditation
  • Dream Circle
  • Group Sharing
  • Quiet Sits with Nature
  • Movement
  • Oracle Cards
  • Creative expression
  • Spiral Walk


For more detailed information and to book your place, please contact Lucy and Andrea at

Or go here for more information

Investment: £625 (includes full guidance, all food and accommodation)

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I Am Calm Collection New and Rebranded

We are so excited to launch the rebranded, apothecary style, I Am Collection. The fresh, distinctive new biodegradable labels on our After Shower Bath & Body Oils, Aromatherapy Pulse Point Roller Balls are available for you in time for Christmas. These are complemented by the three soaps in the I Am Calm Collection with their full biodegradable packaging. I am sure that you will enjoy buying for yourself or for the special people in your life.

Enjoy the highest quality of aromatherapy oils, with minimal recyclable or biodegradable packaging. We believe that excessive and expensive packaging is entirely unnecessary, it is about the quality of the contents that is important.

The new artwork has been intuited and created for Organica J by the wonderfully talented Andrea Hobbs.

The I Am Calm Collection contains three different blends to choose from.


This is ideal when more happiness is needed. This blend encourages uplift, emotional balance and deep nurture. Bring in more joy to your life in a fabulously natural way. Connect with the strength and synergy of this oil blend that is bubbling over with joy.

I feel that this blend is ideal for women, especially when you are in a life transition, it is supportive and uplifting. It can also be helpful to balance body and mind, especially at pre-menstrual and menopause.

The premium organic essential oils in this blend are Rose Geranium, Petitgrain, Bergamot and Rose Otto.

Feel Joy More


Sometimes it can be difficult to find the time to look after your own needs while you are busy looking after everyone. Use this blend to bring you self care and self love, definitely a hug in a bottle.

So soothing for your heart and emotions .

Connect with the power and synergy of this love-filled organic blend.

Love blend contains organic essential oils of sweet orange, patchouli, ylang ylang and jasmine.

Be Love


In our fast paced life this blend is excellent for quietening your busy mind..

Connect with stillness within yourself with our Meditation Blend. Encourage more calmness and peace, exceptionally restorative to your mind and body. 

Ideal to use as a meditation tool, it can assist your meditation practice and help you connect more regularly with the present moment.

Meditation blend contains organic essential oils of frankincense, lavender, sandalwood and vetivert.

Be Present More

Suitable for Vegans and Gluten free

The after shower, bath & body oil can be used on the body as a powerful moisturiser after shower, bath or as an excellent pre-blended massage oil. The base vegetable oil blend contained in these luxury oils is the highly prized rosehip oil, nourishing olive oil and vitamin and mineral rich sunflower oil.

Right now I am really enjoying using these blends on my super sensitive, eczema prone skin – and it is smooth, soft and what is more it is entirely rash free.

The aromatherapy pulse point roller balls can be easily carried to work or wherever you are. You can reach for the pulse point to bring calm whenever you need it. They are so easy to apply and a little is all you need each application.

These are nicely complemented with a creamy and moisturising organic soap, that skin just loves.  Gently cleans and protects and is very long lasting

All the I Am Calm Collection are vegan friendly and are gluten free.

Biodegradable packaging for our Gift Boxes

An excellent choice for Birthdays, Christmas or indeed any special occasions. These I am Calm Collection Organic Gift Boxes are presented in a totally biodegradable gift box. The box is made from recycled card finished with recycled tissue paper, wood wool and rafia. You can be sure that you are gifting while still supporting our extremely precious planet.

Perfect for Birthdays, Christmas or indeed any special occasion.

Each Gift Box Contains: I am Calm After Shower, Bath & Body Oil 50ml, I am Calm Pulse Point Roller Ball, Organic Soap 45g. They are available in Joy, Love or Meditation.

The I am Calm Organic Gift Boxes come to you packaged either for you to send them out in the post or to give direct to the lucky recipient.

Frankincense essential oil, a real calming influence.

Welcome to another of Organica J’s Top Ten Uses. Here we will be focusing on 10 helpful uses for Frankincense essential oil.

We use frankincense essential oil as an ingredient in our I am Calm Collection Meditation Blend which is available in an essential oil blend, after shower, bath and body oil, a pulse point roller ball and a nourishing soap. All these products are ideal for ultimate relaxation and as a meditation tool.

Frankincense is also in our Orange and Frankincense Blend. this blend is wonderful to create a calming atmosphere all year around, but optimum around the festive time, the perfect antidote for taking the stress out of the Christmas frenetic energy.

Working as a clinical aromatherapist and skincare creator, frankincense is one of my most used essential oils, I love it! and I find it so gently powerful.  Helping with clearing the mind when over stressed or anxious and with moving forward in life.  It is an ideal choice for meditation.  I just couldn’t do without frankincense oil – I take it with me anytime I am away from home!   Here are what I think are its top ten uses.


History and Uses of Comfrey Herb

There are a number of uses for Comfrey herb and a very long history of its usage.

In ancient times the herb was called ‘knitbone’,’ all heal’ or ‘woundwort’ and was used topically for healing cuts, bruises, fractures, sprains, injured tendons/ligaments, sores and skin ulcers.

On the skin, comfrey is an emollient, soothing and was used to heal scars and blemishes. It was also said to promote a youthful complexion.
Dioscorides, a greek physician, who wrote ‘Materia Medica’ in 50AD used the herb to heal wounds and broken bones. The Latin name ‘symphytum’ means ‘heal together’

It is now believed that the allatoin (a main component of comfrey) is responsible for the growth and multiplication of skin cells.

The medium we use for maceration is organic sunflower oil, as a rich oil full of vitamins and moisturising.  Our comfrey oil macerate  is effective for use in massage and can be easily blended with other carrier oils and essential oils can be added.

Maceration of comfrey is literally allowing the oil to take the goodness out of the leaves using this natural lovely process. Ours is a cold process maceration which leaves a fabulous naturally rich, nourishing green-coloured oil in its final form

We used comfrey oil macerate regularly in our clinical aromatherapy practice,  for clients for which comfrey oil would be effective and approriate for their individual needs.   All our products are only suitable for topical use.

For more in-depth information here are three links to research papers on the efficacy of comfrey. (1)(2)(3)

The comfrey we use is harvested by hand by us from deep within the rural countryside here in Aberdeenshire. We have permissions to access a private piece of controlled land for the harvest rather than forage.  It is free from artificial fertilizers, pesticides and the comfrey grows completely naturally in its own environment.  

The harvest takes place from end April into May, and we choose the optimum conditions for harvesting the plant as early in the season as we can (finding consecutive dry days can be very challenging!).  We only take the youngest unblemished, freshest leaves. The harvest is fully sustainable and damages no part of the land. You can see no outward evidence that we have been to collect our yearly harvest.

Each year depending on weather conditions the plants are a different height and ready at different times on different years, so we monitor how the plants are doing from mid March each year. I have a small crop (that I do not use for production) at my home, and I keep an eye on their progress too as this gives me a general idea how the plants are coming on. This tiny crop is ideal for photo and video use for marketing purposes only.

The focus here has been on the history and use of comfrey herb on the body rather than its other uses: – such as an excellent mulch on your garden. The depth of the herbs roots into the ground bring their goodness up into the plant, which can be returned into the soil to enrich it and make it ideal for growing.

Comfrey Herb is also excellent for biodiversity as the bees and other insects love it.

There are so many reasons why I so enjoy working with these lovely herbs.

Our own comfrey uses – we  have 6 products which contain our own wildcrafted comfrey from Aberdeenshire, Scotland – the comfrey oil macerated in organic sunflower (which in 2022 and 2023 the oil macerate for sale as an oil is macerated in organic olive oil) ,comfrey ointment, gardener’s hand balmherbal foot balm, reflexology balm and skin SOS balm.

Comfrey Ointment – the wildcrafted comfrey is harvested by us in Aberdeenshire and macerated in organic sunflower oil to create a wonderfully rich and powerful oil. This oil is lovingly combined with other organically grown ingredients to make what we believe is a truly premium product

Gardeners Hand Balm – Great repair and deep moisturising for cut, grazed, dry or rough hands.

Herbal Foot Balm – Excellent regeneration and deep nourishment for overworked and/or damaged feet at the end of the day.

Reflexology Balm – Tested and used by reflexologists.  This product was made by request and has been so popular.  Many reflexologists also use the herbal foot balm too. We have been advised that it is very good for ‘slippage’ and reflexologists and their clients love it.

Skin SOS Balm – The Skin SOS Balm was developed following many requests from customers for a product that would specifically help with scars, and minor skin issues.  

The SOS Balm contains a rich blend of powerful organic carrier oils and essential oils, which can be helpful on scar repair, also on psoriasis and eczema-prone skin.  After much testing it was found also to be helpful for use on new tattoos and after tattoo removal.  Protective, calming and regenerating.

All our artisan skin care products are made by a highly qualified aromatherapist (BSc in Complementary Therapies (Aromatherapy), Member of the International Federation of Professsional Aromatherapists)

Sweet Orange Top Ten Uses

Welcome. In this article we are focusing on the ten helpful uses for Sweet Orange essential oil.   

When I was working as a clinical aromatherapist, I used it a lot for its sunny, relaxing, gentle but powerful action.  It is good for using with vulnerable folk, such as the young or elderly because of these properties. 

I used it very regularly when I was finishing my degree, I worked one day a month at a local residential home for the elderly. Sweet Orange was a very popular choice there among the residents and staff alike.

Sweet Orange has been a favourite oil since I qualified. It is a component of my Love Soap, Love After Shower, Bath & Body Oil and Pulse Point and Essential Oil Blend.  Sweet Orange is also in my Orange & Frankincense Soap,  Essential Oil Blend, the Gentle Shampoo Bar. The reflexology college that I worked with developing the Reflexology Foot Balm requested Sweet Orange as an ingredient.

Here are my opinions on its top ten uses.

1.  Useful to calm restlessness and for mild depression
2.  Can be regenerative for skin, also for acne or irritated skin

3.   Helpful for the elderly and the young to soothe
4.   May be helpful to settle the digestive system

5.   Useful for cellulite and lymph stimulation
6.   Can be good for anxiety and stress
7.   May be helpful to ease IBS symptoms

8.  Good as an uplift in the darker, colder months

9.  Useful for insomnia.

10.  On a subtle level can be helpful for new challenges and ease self-doubt

The organic sweet orange essential oil that I have in stock right now is Citrus Sinensis.  The sweet orange tree is a small tree and it was introduced to Europe by the Portugese early in the 16th century.  Sweet orange oil is expressed from the ripe peel of the fruit and is orange.  The scent is citrus and very sweet.    My current supplies are from Mexico.

If you feel that Sweet Orange essential oil would be a useful oil for you, you can buy it here from Organica J.

There is also available a full range of other aromatherapy essential oils, with information on their uses available in the essential oil category on the website.  Always use on the body blended with a carrier/vegetable oil.

If you require further information on any oils, feel free to contact us by email or phone.

NB if you have a medical condition/take medications check with your GP and/or a qualified aromatherapist before using essential oils.

Issues with sleeping? Aromatherapy can help you.

I have so many customers report that they have issues getting to sleep or once they are asleep they awaken in the night and cannot get back to sleep.

This is something I personally had not encountered until I reached menopause. I can now also totally relate to everyone who experiences trouble sleeping. However there are many aromatherapy approaches and blends that can help ease it though, also combining it with meditation, mindfulness is a powerful combination to tackle the problem.

I offer online many ready made products that have helped so many clients, including my Pulse Point Roller Balls. The Restful Evening pulse point is helpful to soothe you before bed. The Nervous Exhaustion which is de-stressing, and so can ease you into a better place to allow sleep. They are so easy to use and very portable for travel and in your bag at work too.

My I Am Calm range After Shower Bath & Body Oils and Pulse Points – Love, Joy and Meditation are also incredibly helpful for you depending on the root cause of the sleeplessness, disturbed sleep.

Love blend comforts you in times of grief, unsettled emotions, and with troubles in relationships.

Joy blend is as it suggests a huge uplift and balancer of moods and emotions. I am using it to help me with the hormonal imbalances that I am experiencing right now. I use it after my bath every evening, which is also keeping my skin wonderfully soft and supple.

Meditation. blend can be used along with your meditation practice to allow a easier path for the thoughts of the day to clear through and each a quieter place in your mind, which of course will assist your route to sleep. Or just utilise on its own to calm and deepen your breath.

All these blends can be used in After Shower, Bath & Body Oil format too, that can be used in the bath or after shower or as a massage oil. These products are ready blended for you just to use. I have no preservatives in these products, they are pure aromatherapy blends, always my first choice. See our Aromatherapy Bath & Body Oil range and our I Am Calm Range.

The artwork for my I Am Calm range was designed and drawn by artist, wild therapy therapist, and fellow meditation teacher Andrea Hobbs which I spotlight on her many skills in another blog

Adding in little moments of calm each day with aromatherapy do not need to be long periods of time. Literally just a few minutes a day, perhaps as you awaken or at lunchtime, or after work or before bed. Wherever you can find a moment to allow your mind and body to rest, will be invaluable to your wellbeing. I can definitely testify to the power of these two tools of calm being used together to enhance the effect of each.

You do not need a special position to sit in or special clothes to wear or to be entirely zen. There will likely be lots of thoughts happen while you take that moment, and that is perfect! Your mind needs an opportunity to process all the stuff going on in there as you rush around each day. Just take time to allow the thoughts to come and go. Exercising your focus muscle – to return time and again to a restful place, when the mind pulls you in the other direction. I will go into more about this simple form of meditation in a future blog.

So looking at how you can blend your own bath and body oils, or use your blends on your pulse points to help with issues with sleeping. I will share some of my favourite blends that I have used with clients for help with sleep.

The first oil that everyone thinks of with sleep is lavender. I have had over the years had quite a number of people saying ‘I don’t like lavender’. But the scent they are recalling actually isn’t the same as the true lavender, lavandula angustifolia from France, that is my first choice. This is due to the powerful, soft note that I feel that this lavender provides and is perfect for therapy.

Our own lavender in the UK is fabulous, but has (for me) a sharper note. There are a number of varieties of lavender out there, some are more suitable to other treatments, such as lavandula spica, which is excellent as an analgesic and expectorant properties. Another common one that you may see is Lavandin a blend between true lavender and lavandula spica.

If you don’t like the scent of lavender, my personal choice would be sweet orange oil. I use it a lot and in products. It has been a favourite since I first used it in training. Very gentle and excellent for the very young and the much older generation too.

Roman chamomile is another definite for aiding sleep, but I would always blend it (as I have in the products mentioned above), it makes a very comfortable companion with lavender. If you don’t like too much sweetness in a blend, this is perfect.

Sandalwood is excellent for relaxation of the nerves. I use it in my Meditation blend, as it is ideal for this and it adds a soothing effect to any blend it is part of. I use an australian sandalwood, santalum spicatum for ethical reasons.

Two other favourites of mine for trouble sleeping are frankincense and neroli. An incredible combination together, bringing in the physical effects of relaxation, clearing the mind and nurture and self care, with a gentle uplift. Neroli is very much known as an aromatherapy treatment for insomnia, but frankincense is not so often put in that category. I have found it incredibly helpful. In most cases the client was coming with an extremely busy mind, full of constant thoughts dealing with a problem/stressful situation. Either right now or from something that happened in their past. So frankincense is fabulous to slow down the breath, calm the thoughts, and free the mind to allow healing/rest to begin.

I will also mention rose geranium here, that I use in my products for sleep. It is a fabulous balancer of mood, hormones (and skin). I find a small amount in a blend is extremely helpful to encourage balance in the body and mind.

A few suggested blends are lavender (3 drops), roman chamomile (1 drop), sandalwood (2 drops)

Another is Neroli (2 drops), frankincense (2 drops), sweet orange (2 drops).

Or lavender (2 drops), sandalwood (2 drops), rose geranium (1 drop), roman chamomile (1 drop)

For trouble sleeping, you can make up these blends (multiply equally for larger quantities). Use as two/three drops on a tissue by your pillow at night, or on a tissue by you as you relax in the evening. To use on the body always blend with a carrier oil. For the above blends use a 5ml spoon of carrier oil, such as sunflower, sweet almond, jojoba. Or for a richer (more moisturising) blend rosehip, evening primrose oil. Remember if you multiply the essential oil blend also multiply the carrier oil equally at the same time.

I hope that this information on essential oils for sleep issues has been helpful for you. If you have a complex medical history/medications always check with your GP before using essential oils, or ask a qualified aromatherapist. 

Wild Therapy, Art Therapy and Mind Calm Meditation

Creating Mending Spaces With You

Welcome. I am Andrea Hobbs – a Wild Therapy and Art Therapist and meditation coach. I offer individual and group work for adults of all ages. My approach is intuitive and creative, with a deep connection to the natural world we are part of. Life can be complex and we’re not meant to do it alone. I work with you to co-create a space where you can mend at your own speed, and in your own way.

My events page on my website will tell you about workshops, current groups and residentials coming up, either facilitated by me alone, or with friends and colleagues who are like-minded.

Here is a little information about what I can offer you:

Wild Therapy

1-hour long one2one sessions outside in the ancient woodland very close to my home. Alternative outdoor spaces can be negotiated, or if accessing inclines and muddy paths is difficult for you. If weather is very challenging then I may use a quiet space in my house instead, but this would be exceptional. 

Wild Therapy brings wildness, spontaneity, boundlessness, and freedom for those of us who prefer being outside in nature. It is suitable for anyone who may find a traditional therapeutic approach narrow, constraining or intense, or just wants something different.  Wild Therapy is usually conducted outdoors. It allows emotional healing and growth supported by the wild environment. Our more-than-human and other-than-human companions on the planet. You can read more about Wild Therapy here.

Andrea Hobbs

I chose this way of working as it challenges traditional norms of sitting in a room which I found uncomfortable and un-natural, and contributed to my choosing not to pursue a career in a clinical setting.  We can weave an Art Therapy approach into sessions when desired: opening up the possibility to explore through making things from natural found objects, or taking materials out into the open. This way of working provides a tactile and visual way to facilitate self-exploration and is not just for people who see themselves as artistic or ‘creative.’

Both Wild therapy and Art Therapy bring in the ‘something other’, encouraging a dialogue with something external but connected to you, rather than being focussed on just talking. As your therapist, my role is to walk alongside you on your journey to improve your emotional wellbeing, resolve emotional challenges,  and help you to discover for yourself a greater sense of peace and acceptance.  Unsure if Wild and Art Therapy is for you? Why not get in touch and book a short ‘taster’ session?


Mind Calm Meditation

Small groups or individual meetings: (usually) 6-week introductory course. Meetings last around 1.5 hours and include learning talks, instructional techniques, and a period of silent meditation to introduce you to the Mind Calm approach. 

Individual meetings are held at my own home, or in specific circumstances, at your own home (e.g., for health or access reasons). 

One-off group workshops are sometimes available. 

Groups are held at local venues and therefore charges vary according to venue costs.

Mind Calm meditation can help you to be less distracted by a busy mind, experience better sleep, cope with life’s stresses more calmly and have more peace in life.

Mind Calm is not affiliated to any specific religion or philosophy but does have a wide spiritual intent. You will not be asked to sign up to or arrive with any particular belief. Meditation is particularly helpful if you suffer from endless thinking (a busy mind), sleeplessness, or if you’re just feeling that life is OK but not great, and you’d like to feel more content, peaceful or happy.

Once you have completed the introductory course, you are welcome to join any local regular groups that are running. Meditating as a group is extremely supportive and helps us all to take the time out from our busy lives. I have been meditating on and off for over 30 years, and with more commitment for the last 10 years, exploring different methods in that time. I chose Mind Calm as it makes meditation accessible to everyone and anyone, and it’s so quick to learn and easy to understand; it’s fun, and it can really make a difference to your life.

See Events on the website for more details and dates.

In the summer, meditation groups are sometimes held outside in the beauty of Teesdale

Card Readings

1.5 hours approximately at my home in a quiet private space.  Or readings are also available online too, so you can access this service from wherever you live.

Readings are not recorded, so you may wish to take your own notes.

For an additional charge, I offer a digital coloured drawing of your reading. This can help to integrate the messages you receive, and means you can carry it around with you for a while on your phone, tablet or as your screen saver on your PC. Drawings usually take 2-3 weeks to completion and are not immediately available. 

I offer personal insight card readings rather than premonition or ‘future forecasting’. I see myself as a translator of the message that comes to you through the cards from your own wisdom, or Higher Self. A card reading can help you to clarify where you are in life, validate your own intuitive ‘hits’, help you to make better decisions for yourself, or reassure you that you are on the right path.

For sessions I currently use a combination of card decks: a modern-day Tarot deck that is based on the 4 elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth rather than the traditional symbols by Radleigh Valentine, and a super-simple Insights deck created at Findhorn. From time to time, I may use other decks, depending on your own preferences.

I am a spiritual being, but not a religious one. Since my young adulthood, I have explored the alternative, mysterious and intuitive side of life as a human. My self-exploration has always included card decks for inspiration and guidance.

Other Stuff

I am available as a celebrant, or facilitator, for weddings, naming ceremonies, funerals and other family ceremonies. I am very open and will be guided entirely by your own vision and ideas. I also bring my own intuition, creativity and imagination to the process of shaping your ceremony.

My very personal approach leans into our human need for connection, healing through ritual or ceremony, and an alternative approach to celebrating our life-cycles. Please contact me for a ‘no commitment’ chat to find out what is possible.

Groups – indoors and outdoors

Calm Craft Session with Andrea Hobbs

My small one-off Calm Craft sessions that I run indoors or outdoors across County Durham and North Yorkshire (within reasonable travel distance). These groups usually begin with a very light touch relaxation/mini meditation exercise, followed by a simple craft or creative project that everyone can have a go at. Please contact me for more details and discussion about what you want. Prices will vary and depend on materials and travel required. Charities and not-for-profits will be offered a reasonable rate.

Highly Qualified

Andrea has a BA (Hons) degree in art and design, and went on to qualify as an Art Therapist, gaining a Post-graduate Diploma in Art Therapy in 1993. Having worked in varied social care and voluntary roles since 1989, with children and adults across England, Scotland and in Romania, Andrea has spent the last 20 years working in the voluntary sector, mostly as a charity manager.

In 2021, she turned her attention back to her art and therapeutic skills, running her Calm Craft groups, and qualifying as a Wild Therapist in 2023. She is also an accredited Mind Calm Coach with best selling author Sandy Newbigging’s Mind Detox Academy.

Connect with nature with Andrea Hobbs

Andrea completed a Hypnotherapy training in 2007 (non-practising), and followed a Hay House card reading course online in 2020-21, with sessions from Denise Linn, Radleigh Valentine and Kyle Gray.

She is a part-time charity manager and an artist and textile crafter. She lives close to Barnard Castle with her husband, dog and chickens.

Andrea is a registered to practice Wild Therapy, and is accredited with the Federation of Holistic Therapists as a Mind Calm Coach. She is in the process of re-registering as an Art Therapist. She is insured through Holistic Insurance Services. Andrea has an enhanced DBS check for both adults and children (refreshed annually)

How to Get in Touch

Individual support requires you to get in touch, which you can do here or directly by email to

Although my offers are stand-alone methods, all three can be blended fluidly together if this appeals to you. 

It can be difficult to make that first move to reach out for support. I offer a no obligation by phone or on-screen short chat to make sure that I am offering what you need, and to make any practical arrangements required for your safety and comfort. 

You can enjoy my regular blog which you will find here

Pop onto the website for all prices and timeframes, which are provided as a guide only. Travel and ‘walk-in’ times at different outdoor spaces may require longer sessions.

In addition to all my work above I have also created the artwork for Organica J’s I Am Calm Range and Aromatherapy Range