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Comfrey Oil (Macerate) 100ml

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We have a small number of bottles from our first batch of Comfrey macerate using comfrey leaf from our May 2024 harvest and organic olive oil now available for sale. There will be more available at the end of July. There has been a large demand this year.

Comfrey macerate, luscious green, full of goodness - our comfrey oil (macerate).

In ancient times comfrey was called 'knitbone',' all heal' or 'woundwort'.

On the skin, it is an emollient, soothing and was used to heal minor scars and blemishes. The Latin name 'symphytum' means 'heal together'.

Wild-crafted comfrey (symphytum officinale) macerated in organic olive oil (olea europea). The comfrey is gathered from private ground in rural Aberdeenshire and only the best flowers, leaves and roots are used in the macerate, to give optimum potency. All processes are undertaken by hand - no mechanical extraction. From field to container is all undertaken in one day to ensure ultimate freshness, and then the olive oil and comfrey are left to slowly macerate until all the goodness is transferred to the oil (rich green in colour with a slightly herbal scent).

For external use only - not to be taken internally

Comfrey leaf (symphytum spp.) origin is Scotland, UK and the Olive Oil (olea europea) is from Spain .

We have decided to offer the comfrey macerate oil in olive again this year, (there are limited supplies so its first come first served).

Fully recyclable packaging. Vegan friendly

Our main ingredient in our balms is the Comfrey Oil with sunflower oil, which can be found in Comfrey Ointment, Gardener's Hand Balm, Herbal Foot Balm, Reflexology Balm and Skin SOS Balm


Ingredients: * olea europea (olive oil), ~ symphytum spp. (comfrey leaf)

* organic ingredient. ~ wildcrafted ingredient

what our customers say:

"I was told many years ago I had the early symptoms of a mild form of rheumatoid arthritis which has over the years manifested itself - mostly hands and feet and lower back. I find massaging and kneading in the comfrey oil in my lower back morning and/or night has made such a difference. I wish I had found it a long time ago. The Oil also helps my hands especially at night - they are not so stiff and sore in the morning" A Kelman, Aberdeenshire.

"how absolutely gorgeous this wonderful new fresh comfrey macerate is, i shall so enjoy using it!" H Seagle, Portsmouth.
"I am using your comfrey oil and comfrey ointment for joint pain and it works wonders" D Morris, Plymouth, Devon.
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