New I Am Calm Organic Oil Collection

I am delighted to introduce the new I Am Calm Collection to Organica J’s artisan aromatherapy organic skincare range.

We offer three new After Shower, Bath & Body Oils. Use after shower, in the bath, as a body moisturiser or massage oil.  The I Am Calm After Shower, Bath & Body Oils can be used as a meditation aid/tool.

Meditation and Calmology

I formulated these oils while undertaking a two year Calmology course with Sandy C Newbigging. Sandy is a best selling author, therapist and I found him to be an inspirational teacher. I graduated as a Calmologist in November 2020. I enjoy my meditation practice greatly, and I occasionally offer teaching too. It has brought me personally so much more peace, calm. It was a very natural progression for me, as an aromatherapist to create new aromatherapy products that can be used to promote peace and calm, joy and love in those who enjoy them.

Arnie Creations

I worked in collaboration with my dear friend Andrea at Arnie Creations. on this project She is a wonderful artist, and art therapist, who is an extremely experienced meditator. In lockdown, she voluntarily led a meditation group online to connect with and support people. Andrea created the wonderful artwork on the new I Am Calm Collection. Another incredibly inspirational human being! Thank you, Andrea 🙂

Vegan, Nut Free, Gluten Free Blends

The oils contain a vegan, nut free, gluten free blend for the ultimate skin experience – intensely nourishing and regenerating organic carrier oils blended carefully with organic essential oils.  100% organic ingredients.  preservative, SLS and petrochemical free.

I Am Calm Organic Aromatherapy Blends

Choose from:

Love – this blend encourages a gentle opening of your heart to allow in more love.  This is for all types of love – for self, friends, family, partners, all people and the world we live in. Connect with the power and synergy of this love-filled organic blend.  Be Love more

Meditation –  this blend encourages calm, allowing in stillness of the mind and body.  Connect more with your conscious awareness in the present moment with this organic blend. Be Present more

Joy this blend encourages uplift, emotional balance and deep nurture. It creates the opportunity of allowing in more joy. Connect with the strength and synergy of this joyful organic blend.   Be Joy more.

Pulse Point Roller Balls

These fabulous blends are also available in Pulse Point Roller Balls so you can enjoy Love; Meditation and Joy blends in this easy to use format too. They are small, and incredibly portable so you can pop them in your handbag or pocket and take your pulse point with you to work, or indeed anywhere. When you feel that you need a boost of calm you can apply the pulse points.

Use these roller balls on pulse points on the neck or wrist when you need to be calm. These powerful, but gentle blends of aromatherapy organic oils can also be used as a meditation aid/tool.  

The After Shower, Bath & Body Oil comes in a 50ml bottle, and the Pulse Points come in a 10ml roller ball. All containers and lids are recyclable. c


Petitgrain Essential Oil – Top Ten Uses

Welcome to another of Organica J’s Top Ten Uses! This month I will be focusing on 10 helpful uses for Petitgrain essential oil (citrus uranium var. amara). 

When working as a clinical aromatherapist, I love using petitgrain. It has been known in the aromatherapy circles as a ‘poor mans neroli’ as it is less expensive than its sister oil neroli (from the blossom of the orange tree).

But in my opinion, it very much has its own special place in aromatherapy. It is beautiful and so uplifting and comforting. I have a friend, and colleague in Aromatherapy, that loves to wear it as.a perfume.

Here are my opinion of the top ten uses of lovely Petitgrain

1.  Insomnia especially if that is through loneliness and or emotional upset.
2.  Uplift of mood
3.  Stabilising skin – a tonic effect especially oily
4.  Refreshing and deodorising
5.  Comforting after illness and upset of modd
6.  Soothes irritability and frustration
7.  Calming for digestive system
8.  It blends well with many oils, such as lavender, sweet orange, rose, geranium to create a great synergy

9.  May be helpful for S.A.D.

10.  it has antiseptic properties

The petitgrain I have in stock right now is from Paraguay . The petitgrain essential oil has a gorgeous fresh, floral scent with a woody tone. It is produced from the leaves of the bitter orange tree.

The tree is native to China and India, but is cultivated in temperate climates, such as France, Paraquay, Italy and Spain. Petitgrain is an evergreen tree. It is steam distilled. Petitgrain essential oil is a pale yellow or light amber coloured liquid.

If you wish to use this oil on skin always blend in a carrier oil, as a rough guide 1 drop of blend to 5ml of carrier oil

If you feel this would be a useful oil for you, you can buy organic Petitgrain Essential Oil from Organica J.

For using essential oils for specific or complex medical problems always contact a qualified aromatherapist or check with your GP.

Open Heart – reiki, self-love and crystal therapies

I am delighted to spotlight on Linda McBain, a therapist, who I met many years ago in the early days of my business. Linda is extremely gentle, but I found her to be a powerful therapist. She is an incredibly humble woman ,with great empathy – an open heart indeed.. I definitely recommend her gentle therapies Linda says

“I love working in harmony with the Organica J essential oils and balms, as they work in flow with my crystal and reiki sessions” and in her own words she goes on to say

“All benefit the therapies I offer ,as a place of well being for my clients, the environment and the earth. I am in full harmony of my mind, body and soul when working with these oils and balms . These essential oils work hand in hand with the crystals bringing in from the Earth the most healing precious tools that Mother Earth has to offer It allows us to live in a harmonic lifestyle in all aspects of our life mind body, heart and soul.

We as a family have been buying from Jacqui, for over twenty years and we have have loved every part of our experience. All products have been made in balance with Mother Earth, each artisan piece made with love and nurturing care.

The therapies I offer are Reiki, Self Love and Crystal Therapy . Within these therapies there are many treatments, depending on the client and what they need.

The therapy I often start with is a hand reflexology using a baby crystal and essential oil of rose. Whichever hand is your prominent hand we start with. Both hands are treated in the same way. All the time the crystal and essential oil are instrumental to open heart, and opening up your meridian points and clearing your chakras. It is a very unique and individual treatment .

I have been guided to offer the Self Love Workshops. I have found through doing therapies with clients, that self love is truly needed. The workshops will offer a space to bring back your own self worth and self love. You will be given the opportunity to tap into your own divine healing energy. This has been so beautiful to be a part of, as I see clients opening up to their own sacred intuition.

Having practiced Reiki for over 15 years, I was intuitively guided to offer the teachings of Reiki. It opens up so many beautiful energies for you and your journey. I act as a gatekeeper for you to embrace your own healing through a universal energy.

I am honoured to be offering Reiki Levels to pass on the teachings of Dr Usui and the Reiki way of Life. Call me for details of dates available for you..

I was also guided to offer up my knowledge on crystals. My crystal course will run over a few months starting in June 2022. On this course, I am working in harmony with my daughter Nicola, as she has extensive knowledge of the crystal guardians and has been working with them for over 20 years. There is so much information to learn about these amazing earth guardians . It’s time for me to share this with you. Having done an extensive crystal course many years ago, and now having so much experience working with clients with crystals since then. It is now time to pass this knowledge onwards. Nicola and I have created a Crystal Course in harmony with our crystals and Mama Earth and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Linda sees clients in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. Her contact number is 07989 636295

Linda runs a private Facebook Group called Open Hearts for those who wish to join with her there. Or connect with her on instagram

New Gentle Shampoo Bars

After so many requests from both my online clients and the lovely outlets and therapists who stock Organica J products, I took the opportunity in lockdown in 2020 to formulate and test on willing human volunteers and am delighted to now be bringing my first shampoo bar to launch this week.

Black Out

I have a number of products that I formulated and tested in lockdowns, but we were hit on Black Friday (very aptly named this year as all went dark!) with a massive storm which resulted in no power for 6 days and no internet for 10 days. A little challenging running the business at one of the most hectic time of year for orders. I found out just how much things I could do with no power! It was lucky that the storeroom was full of balms and soaps, and I could merrily make the Bath & Body oils, Pulse Points and wrap soaps to my hearts content – and did!!

I had to find a friend with power and internet connectivity (unfortunately at a distance to travel). I moved the office equipment on Monday, as it was obvious that this was a long haul. So after a time where my calming blends, energy giving blends, and meditation were much needed to see me through (along with much business support and otherwise from my daughter and other friends) all is smoother now – phew!

Shampoo Bar Launch

I am absolutely delighted to be now in a position to start launching my new products and I am proud to introduce my new Gentle Shampoo Bar.

The Gentle Shampoo Bar is suitable for all hair types. It is incredibly gentle, with extremely effective cleansing and also very nourishing for hair. You can enjoy this amazing cleansing without chemicals too, which I know is so important for you all (as it is for me).

The gentle shampoo bar is also ideal for those with sensitive skins and scalps.

Uplifting Essential Oils

The bar is very delicately infused with uplifting and calming sweet orange and mandarin organic essential oils, which are lovely on hair and widely enjoyed by many. I used to always say to my aromatherapy clients ‘the sunny faces’ of sweet orange and mandarin. They cheer up any day and bring brightness and uplift with their calming presence. So the gentle shampoo was always going to have them in it. From some of the testers, the feedback was that they wanted a stronger fragrance, which I understand totally, but with essential oils on a subtle level the ‘less is more” is one of my favourite sayings! Along with the restraints of cosmetic safety regulations, the levels of oils remain as they were.

How To Use the Shampoo Bar

To use the gentle shampoo bar – work up a gentle lather between your hands then apply to hair, then rinse as normal. Please note that the lather is creamy and light, not huge bubbles, as you would find with a chemical product. You can apply again to hair and then rinse again. Some of the testers replied that they wanted to finish with their hair conditioner, but not everyone by any means. So if you need to, apply your hair conditioner and rinse to finish. You will find the gentle shampoo bar Incredibly gentle and protective for your hair, not stripping out the naturally present oils with harsh chemicals.

I have been told my my hairdresser, Pauline (she is an amazing woman!) that my hair is so much better condition since I started using my own products and also reduced the amount of times a week that I wash my hair too (I have very dry hair – with very sensitive skin)

Vegan Friendly

The gentle shampoo bar is made with. 100% organic ingredients. It is suitable for vegans, and is a gluten free recipe. You will find no preservatives, SLS , GMO or petrochemicals in it. It is, of course, not tested on animals. I do not want to use, never mind make, any product that is.

To be fully supportive of our delicate environment, the gentle shampoo bar is in plastic free biodegradable packaging.

I found that different folk like different sizes of bar, so you can choose from 90g and 45g bars to see what fits with you best.

Only Organic Ingredients

Here are a list of the organic ingredients:

sodium olivate (olive), sodium cocoate (coconut), sodium castorate (castor), sodium shea butterate (shea butter), sodium almondate (sweet almond), sodium jojobate (jojoba), citrus sinensis (sweet orange), citrus reticulata (mandarin), limonene, linalool, citral (from essential oils)

I hope that you all enjoy our new Gentle Shampoo Bar – buy it here.

12 Days of Organic Christmas 2021

To  help get into the Christmas spirit, we are excited to announce our spectacular 12 Days of organic Christmas promotion 2021!

Enjoy our 12 days of organic Christmas from the 1st to the 12th of December, we will be running a different deal on each day. The code for each unique promotion will last 24 hours, but it will change everyday at midnight.

We have had no power or internet at Organica J HQ for over 6 days now!! But we haven’t let that stop us!! We moved the office side of the business temporarily yesterday so we can get back in touch with you all. We are now continuing to get those Christmas orders out to you at our normal pace!

All online orders are up to date and we look forward to you enjoying this fab 12 days of Christmas offers. Thank you so much to everyone who had to wait a little, you have been amazing, thank you. Just until we could find our feet again, as we have. Fingers crossed for power back soon!!

So apologies – we are a little late with this going out. The first offer is today on Wednesday 1st December and its FREE delivery on all orders until midnight with FREEDEL21 at checkout

We don’t want to spoil the surprise of all the amazing offers we will doing, but for example, one day could be a big discount on a particular item, then the next could be a free gift with each order!

Gardeners and SOS Balm

It’s up to you whether to order on one day, or whether you wait until another day to see if it’s an offer more suited to you!

All we can guarantee is there will be a lot of great promotions that we have never before offered at Organica J.  The promotion is a thank you to all our customers, old and new.

The codes will be announced on our Facebook  and Instagram pages each day so please make sure to like/follow these accounts.

We hope you manage to get something that’s been on your Christmas list this year in our 12 days of Christmas offers!

Don’t forget there is a Gift Box of Organic Soaps worth over £50 for one lucky customer who orders until midnight 12 December

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The codes must be used at the checkout. The codes will be announced daily on our social media channels (Facebook – (Instagram –
  2. The codes are only valid for 24 hours. Customers cannot request to change codes for another day’s code.
  3. It may be the case that some promotion codes will not show up in order confirmation or at the checkout. In such cases, you will be contacted once your order is placed with details about the promotion you have applied for.