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Sweet Orange (citrus sinensis)

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It is a sedative and antidepressant, may be helpful for anxiety and insomnia especially when blended with other oils such as lavender. Can stimulate lymphatic fluids.

Soothing for dry, irritated skin. It is said to have regenerative properties.

Is gentle enough for use with children, but for children under 5, or when the child is on medication, seek the advice of an aromatherapist

May be helful to the digestive system to ease cramps and spasms, constipation and diarrhoea.

Sweet Orange is a firm favourite of mine in therapy, and we use it in our new Gentle Shampoo Bar, Reflexology Balm,, Love soap, After Shower, Bath & Body Oil Love, Pulse Point Love, Love essential oil blend, Orange & Frankincense essential oil blend and Orange & Frankincense Soap, and Spicy Heaven Blend.

Country of origin - Mexico


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