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Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute

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Heady Jasmine is renowned for its effect on emotions. It can be helpful for anxiety, depression and lack of energy. Jasmine is also useful in childbirth to aid contractions and for pain relief. In India it has been used for centuries and is known as' Queen of the Night' due to its scent being more powerful during the night.

Jasmine is good to use when high/difficult emotions are present. It is really helpful for use where there are relationship and/or intimate issues present. To help with confidence, self-worth and fear. This is probably where it has earned its reputation as an aphrodisiac as jasmine gently calms and relaxes.

Use only a little of the pure jasmine - I often use only 1 drop in a full body massage blended with other oils (and carrier oils), as it will overwhelm all other scents it is blended with. This is one oil where less is definitely more, it is very effective with just a drop. When using the dilution you can use a little more - perhaps 2-5 drops.

This absolute is produced in India. (jasminum grandiflorum).

We use jasmine in our Love essential oil blend and Love organic soap

Please note that the absolute is not organic, as this produces a different scent.

The 10ml is a 5% dilution in organic Jojoba £13.99.

Country of origin: India

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