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Customer Reviews for Artisan Comfrey & Organic Aromatherapy Products

We are always happy to share feedback from our customers. Our product reviews demonstrate the wide range of benefits our premium comfrey and organic skincare range offer. Our premium comfrey product range includes Comfrey Ointment, Skin SOS Balm, Gardener’s Hand Balm, Reflexology Foot Balm and Herbal Foot Balm. Our organic range includes Calendula Ointment, Muscle Rub, Lip Balms, Bath & Body Oils, Pulse Point Aromatherapy blends and our beautifully scented organic Soaps. You can explore here some very happy customer comments: – 

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Comfrey Ointment –

“I am a massage therapist and my hands are beginning to suffer from years of caring for others. The comfrey ointment is helping enormously, and I am about to use the muscle rub when it arrives and am getting some for gardener friends as gifts. The SOS ointment has also helped a friend with skin problems  My hands feel so soft as well.  I recommend your products to all my friends and clients.” Jane Baron, Stirling.

“I was told many years ago I had the early symptoms of a mild form of rheumatoid arthritis which has over the years manifested itself – mostly hands and feet and lower back. I find massaging and kneading in
the comfrey oil in my lower back morning and/or night has made such a difference I wish I had found it a long time ago.  The Oil also helps my hands especially at night – they are not so stiff and sore in the morning.   The Restful Evening roller ball I use every night on the lung pulse points to help me relax and sleep (good for the skin too) and the comfrey hand balm along with the oil is great. The Comfrey Ointment along with the Comfrey oil is great.”  A Kelman, Aberdeenshire
‘Thank you very much for the advice and sending my comfrey ointment so quickly the other week to help with my  broken ankle. I wanted to tell you how much I love all the products I ordered last time! They are really soothing, feel great on the skin and smell absolutely wonderful! I actually look forward to using them!
The comfrey ointment is working wonders on my ankle. I’ve used it a couple of times a day and it’s really helping with the swelling and bruising and I’m sure it’s helping the bones to heal more quickly as my ankle has become more stable and less painful.’ C Filugelli, Canterbury, Kent.

“I bought the comfrey ointment for when I twisted my ankle, badly, and it was miles better than just popping painkillers. I still use it on my tendonitis in my left hand, it works wonders.  Keep up the splendid work!” E. Amnegard-Fisher, Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

“I am using your comfrey oil and comfrey ointment for joint pain and it works wonders” D Morris, Plymouth, Devon.

“I’ve tried your comfrey ointment and I give it my full approval. I have already recommended it to several patients.” Dr Wolfgang Walter
MD MRCGP MFHom, Medical General Practitioner; Medical Acupuncture and Homeopathy, Bristol

“After being diagnosed with arthritis, I tried using your muscle rub and the comfrey ointment.  They have eradicated the problem for me and I have found great relief.  I have been recommending them to my friends” Mrs G Burnett, Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire

“We use comfrey for so many things here! My wife absolutely swears by it as a nail fortifier, she rubs a little of your comfrey ointment into her nails every night before bed and, after a lifetime of this problem, they have completely stopped cracking and breaking. I use it all the time on scrapes and cuts I get from my DIY dabblings, and now I’ve discovered that it’s the perfect (and industry approved!) cream for tattoo after-care.” C Robertson, Paris, France

I have experienced achillies tendonitis for over 20years. Pain relief and anti inflammatory medication had no effect. I have recently been applying comfery cream/ointment to the tendon area and quess what, cured! Swelling gone and for the first time in over 20 years, pain free. I would recommend comfrey to anyone experiencing similar problems.” J.B. Morpeth, Northumberland

“I have been using your Comfrey ointment on my  wounds the last few days after my recent operation to remove my gall bladder. When I went to the Doctor this week he was amazed how well they were healing. In fact he actually said when he checked that this was the best he had ever seen after an op.” G.McGillivray, Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire

Comfrey and Calendula Ointments

Thank you so much for a fast delivery, excellent customer service and last but certainly not least…. fabulous products!!! My son has eczema, to which has never responded well enough to heal up with any creams prescribed, (some even made worst) However, relief came at last when applying the calendula ointment. Applied it on the evenings and two days later it had cleared up. In addition to that, i have also been applying it to mosquito bites, which stopped the itching instantly! I am soooo pleased. The Comfrey ointment has had just as good results when applying it to our dogs paw pad, which she had sliced quite deeply on glass. It wasn’t showing any signs of healing and i was preparing myself for a hefty vets bill as i was beginning to think it would actually need stitching…..but i stumbled across the website and thought i would give it a go, since it had such good reviews…. i haven’t been disappointed. Her wound has healed very quickly since using the Comfrey. I could notice the difference over night and after four days its completely healed. Fantastic jars of magic that everyone should have in their cupboard. I will recommend these to everyone. F. Hopkins, Solihull

Organic Soaps.

“You’ll see I’ve just placed an order for some more soaps. I couldn’t think of using anything else in the shower. With our first baby on the way it’s been great to use a product that doesn’t dry my skin or bring me out in a rash. I would go as far to say its one of life’s little pleasures : ).  K Gaffney, Aberdeenshire

“I will soon need to re-order that gorgeous magical smelling Lavender & Lavender Flowers soap. It lathers up a treat and the perfume of lavender wafts upwards towards the nostrils and makes me want to stay in the shower for ever. I come out of the shower feeling relaxed and fully cleansed and my skin feels soft and silky. Cant live without it!” A. Amison, Bognor Regis

“I love the soaps – beautiful scents, nice lather, kind to my sensitive skin and long last, but I do have one complaint – it makes it very hard to get out of the shower!”  – T. MacPhail, Basle, Switzerland


Balms, Gels & Ointments.

“Thank you for sending your excellent foot balm,gardener’s hand balm and lavender oil to me in North Uist so quickly.-it’s great to find products that really do work so well. My husband has always had problems with finding products for his dry skin. We’re in the process of building (self-building) a house here and your hand and foot balms are a real help. Thank you very much”. P. MacPherson, North Uist, Scotland

“Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and making beautiful healing ointments.  Nina (my dog) saw the vet 3 days after I started using the comfrey and calendula ointments, Lavender & Tea Tree oils and he said that the would was much improved.  Due to the continued use of the ointments, Nina gets to keep the rest of her tail :-).  A huge thank you from me and from Nina :-)”.  S Southey &  Nina, Aberdeenshire

Bath & Body Oils, Gardener’s Hand Balm, Muscle Rub – “Your aromatherapy bath and body oils are great – they really do the trick : ) I love your gardeners’s hand balm as well and my boyfriend says the muscle rub is the best for aching muscles after a long day’s hill climb : ) L.B., Aberdeen.

Gardeners Hand Balm  “We have found Gardener’s Hand Balm good for soothing sunburn.  It is wonderful stuff and anytime I get some problem with my skin I always use it.  The skin just seems to love it!” A. Lewis, Devon

“Good for use last thing at night, keeps my hands protected and the it lasts a long time” L.S. Logie Coldstone, Aberdeenshire

“My hands were noticeably soft after using Gardener’s Hand Balm, much better than other hand creams I’ve tried.” J.H. Auchenblae, Aberdeenshire

Herbal Foot Balm  “All that i can say about your Foot Balm is that i don’t what we would have done if we couldn’t have got our supply. My wife is in hospital at the moment with kidney trouble and she was told to use ointment prescribed by our doctor for itch and dry skin on her feet. After a couple of weeks the condition was so bad we were foced to go back to using your FOOT BALM and the trouble was cleared up inside three days. The transformation was unbelievable so i would recomend FOOT BALM to anybody. Keep up the good work.” W.F. Coldstream, Berwickshire.

Calendula Ointment 

“For the last 4 years, I have had an autoimmune condition on my feet – a kind of psoriasis. I have tried many different kinds of creams and ointments (none of them steroid, which I refuse) and these at most might give some relief for a short time.  Recently, I bought from Loch Arthur Organic Farm Shop your Calendula Ointment. This is a miracle! The itching has stopped and the inflammation has gone. I cannot thank you enough. With best wishes, Liz L,” Dumfries & Galloway

 “I just wanted to say ‘thank you’!  Before christmas last year, I developed a rash beneath my eye which gradually just got worse. My doctor told me it was dermatitis and gave me antibiotics, which after the first dose made me so ill I stopped taking them and started researching dermatitis on the net instead. So I bought your Calendula ointment, swapped my mascara for a ‘natural’ one and got rid of my (alledgedly natural) face cleaner from boots. Within days it had started to heal up, in total it took two months for it to heal up properly and I’m now addicted to using the Calendula ointment for lots of stuff!  Marvellous! :)” E Amnegard-Fisher, Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

“Your calendula ointment is great for my hands, which get a lot of abuse working with the veg.” Dr Seel,

Muscle Rub –  “I cannot express my utter relief following the application of your Muscle Rub onto my sore toe joints following a long walk at the weekend, within half an hour I could feel absolutely no more pain and was able to walk as normal. The effect was wonderful – an effective solution to sore feet” A Wright, Aberdeenshire

“I find your Muscle Rub invaluable in controlling my back problem.  I rub a little onto the lumbar region of my spine just as I get up in the morning.  It seems to stop painful muscle spasms then, after which the muscles settle down.  If I stop using it, the spasms return after a few days. I have been using it this way for at least 6 years and I recommend it to others.” PMD Gray, Aberdeen

Bath & Body Oils and Muscle Rub “I am very impressed by your products. I have a back and neck problem, and your oils and muscle rub have helped better than any products previously purchased from the chemist. Thanks for your fast service – the packaging was great (good that you recycle)” M. B, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Essential Oils “I use your T-tree oil mixed with vodka, 5 drops to 20ml of vodka. (A bottle with a dropper is ideal) It’s great for teenage spots, fungal toenails, athlete’s foot. ” E.Johnstone. Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire.

Newsletter and General “Love your newsletter with tips and info. I can almost smell the wonderful Organica J aromas filtering through your descriptions and hints” A. Amison, Aberdeen