We are so excited to launch the rebranded, apothecary style, I Am Collection. The fresh, distinctive new biodegradable labels on our After Shower Bath & Body Oils, Aromatherapy Pulse Point Roller Balls are available for you in time for Christmas. These are complemented by the three soaps in the I Am Calm Collection with their full biodegradable packaging. I am sure that you will enjoy buying for yourself or for the special people in your life.

Enjoy the highest quality of aromatherapy oils, with minimal recyclable or biodegradable packaging. We believe that excessive and expensive packaging is entirely unnecessary, it is about the quality of the contents that is important.

The new artwork has been intuited and created for Organica J by the wonderfully talented Andrea Hobbs.

The I Am Calm Collection contains three different blends to choose from.


This is ideal when more happiness is needed. This blend encourages uplift, emotional balance and deep nurture. Bring in more joy to your life in a fabulously natural way. Connect with the strength and synergy of this oil blend that is bubbling over with joy.

I feel that this blend is ideal for women, especially when you are in a life transition, it is supportive and uplifting. It can also be helpful to balance body and mind, especially at pre-menstrual and menopause.

The premium organic essential oils in this blend are Rose Geranium, Petitgrain, Bergamot and Rose Otto.

Feel Joy More


Sometimes it can be difficult to find the time to look after your own needs while you are busy looking after everyone. Use this blend to bring you self care and self love, definitely a hug in a bottle.

So soothing for your heart and emotions .

Connect with the power and synergy of this love-filled organic blend.

Love blend contains organic essential oils of sweet orange, patchouli, ylang ylang and jasmine.

Be Love


In our fast paced life this blend is excellent for quietening your busy mind..

Connect with stillness within yourself with our Meditation Blend. Encourage more calmness and peace, exceptionally restorative to your mind and body. 

Ideal to use as a meditation tool, it can assist your meditation practice and help you connect more regularly with the present moment.

Meditation blend contains organic essential oils of frankincense, lavender, sandalwood and vetivert.

Be Present More

Suitable for Vegans and Gluten free

The after shower, bath & body oil can be used on the body as a powerful moisturiser after shower, bath or as an excellent pre-blended massage oil. The base vegetable oil blend contained in these luxury oils is the highly prized rosehip oil, nourishing olive oil and vitamin and mineral rich sunflower oil.

Right now I am really enjoying using these blends on my super sensitive, eczema prone skin – and it is smooth, soft and what is more it is entirely rash free.

The aromatherapy pulse point roller balls can be easily carried to work or wherever you are. You can reach for the pulse point to bring calm whenever you need it. They are so easy to apply and a little is all you need each application.

These are nicely complemented with a creamy and moisturising organic soap, that skin just loves.  Gently cleans and protects and is very long lasting

All the I Am Calm Collection are vegan friendly and are gluten free.

Biodegradable packaging for our Gift Boxes

An excellent choice for Birthdays, Christmas or indeed any special occasions. These I am Calm Collection Organic Gift Boxes are presented in a totally biodegradable gift box. The box is made from recycled card finished with recycled tissue paper, wood wool and rafia. You can be sure that you are gifting while still supporting our extremely precious planet.

Perfect for Birthdays, Christmas or indeed any special occasion.

Each Gift Box Contains: I am Calm After Shower, Bath & Body Oil 50ml, I am Calm Pulse Point Roller Ball, Organic Soap 45g. They are available in Joy, Love or Meditation.

The I am Calm Organic Gift Boxes come to you packaged either for you to send them out in the post or to give direct to the lucky recipient.