Open Heart – reiki, self-love and crystal therapies

I am delighted to spotlight on Linda McBain, a therapist, who I met many years ago in the early days of my business. Linda is extremely gentle, but I found her to be a powerful therapist. She is an incredibly humble woman ,with great empathy – an open heart indeed.. I definitely recommend her gentle therapies Linda says

“I love working in harmony with the Organica J essential oils and balms, as they work in flow with my crystal and reiki sessions” and in her own words she goes on to say

“All benefit the therapies I offer ,as a place of well being for my clients, the environment and the earth. I am in full harmony of my mind, body and soul when working with these oils and balms . These essential oils work hand in hand with the crystals bringing in from the Earth the most healing precious tools that Mother Earth has to offer It allows us to live in a harmonic lifestyle in all aspects of our life mind body, heart and soul.

We as a family have been buying from Jacqui, for over twenty years and we have have loved every part of our experience. All products have been made in balance with Mother Earth, each artisan piece made with love and nurturing care.

The therapies I offer are Reiki, Self Love and Crystal Therapy . Within these therapies there are many treatments, depending on the client and what they need.

The therapy I often start with is a hand reflexology using a baby crystal and essential oil of rose. Whichever hand is your prominent hand we start with. Both hands are treated in the same way. All the time the crystal and essential oil are instrumental to open heart, and opening up your meridian points and clearing your chakras. It is a very unique and individual treatment .

I have been guided to offer the Self Love Workshops. I have found through doing therapies with clients, that self love is truly needed. The workshops will offer a space to bring back your own self worth and self love. You will be given the opportunity to tap into your own divine healing energy. This has been so beautiful to be a part of, as I see clients opening up to their own sacred intuition.

Having practiced Reiki for over 15 years, I was intuitively guided to offer the teachings of Reiki. It opens up so many beautiful energies for you and your journey. I act as a gatekeeper for you to embrace your own healing through a universal energy.

I am honoured to be offering Reiki Levels to pass on the teachings of Dr Usui and the Reiki way of Life. Call me for details of dates available for you..

I was also guided to offer up my knowledge on crystals. My crystal course will run over a few months starting in June 2022. On this course, I am working in harmony with my daughter Nicola, as she has extensive knowledge of the crystal guardians and has been working with them for over 20 years. There is so much information to learn about these amazing earth guardians . It’s time for me to share this with you. Having done an extensive crystal course many years ago, and now having so much experience working with clients with crystals since then. It is now time to pass this knowledge onwards. Nicola and I have created a Crystal Course in harmony with our crystals and Mama Earth and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Linda sees clients in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. Her contact number is 07989 636295

Linda runs a private Facebook Group called Open Hearts for those who wish to join with her there. Or connect with her on instagram

Jo’s Nutritional Tips for Menopause

Forgive me if I am stating the obvious here. The likelihood is that if you’re reading this, you’ve researched the menopause front to back.

Whether you are peri-menopausal or comfortably (or not so comfortable) into the menopause, this post is for you to add (positively) to your bundle of research.

You see, in my coaching I draw my methods primarily from an evidence-based perspective. Sprinkle in a little more compassion and holistic perspective – and bam. That’s me. And for those who are reading this post, I am offering a 3 free week coaching trial! More information on that at the end of the post – so stay tuned.

Alongside Jacqui’s (for those of you who don’t know.. AKA my Mother) aromatherapy recommendations for support during menopause, these nutritional considerations should be taken into account.

It turns out, women are complex

The issue with being an “evidence based coach” and working with women,

Is that researchers are a bit stingy when it comes to studying specifically women.

And that’s because we are a complex bunch and hormonally, no two are the same.

Think about it – I’m sure you’ve experienced different menopausal symptoms to our other friends.

So it’s not so simple to conduct research and studies.

What changes are happening?

Essentially what happens in menopause is a reduction in sex steroid hormones. We get a big old drop of oestrogen levels.

As a coach, what I often hear from women as one of the more challenging changes from a physical perspective, is the redistribution of body fat.

It is more likely (not always) we will see our bodies redistribute fat from the legs and bum to around our mid-section.

Which when you are struggling with the other side effects of menopause (such as low mood), can be incredibly challenging for our body image and self confidence.

It is often regularly presumed that menopause ruins our metabolism and that is why we gain body fat during this time.

This is not really the case.

When oestrogen drops, our appetite will likely increase. Therefore we have a physical drive to eat more.

We are also a lot likely to move less if we are having poor sleep, low mood and lacking in energy.

Great – so we are eating more and moving less. And it’s largely out of our control!

But there are areas that we can control…

If there was ever a time to focus on your diet, it’s now.


Okay so I know there is a general assumption that a high protein diet is for body builders and gym junkies.

But what if I told you that the population who would benefit the most from a high protein diet are the elderly?

And then I would say women going through the menopause come in a close second.


Yes protein does support muscle mass. Which why in an elderly person it is important. Think about it – more muscle mass, less likely to slip and fall. More likely to move around independently as they age. More muscle literally equals a reduce in all cause mortality (dying).

So why is protein important during menopause?

Remember that drop in oestrogen? That also causes a quick decline in the amount of muscle mass and strength we have.

If you want to maintain muscle mass (and I’m not talking from just an aesthetic angle here), getting regular servings of protein in each day is going to be incredibly important.

Alongside exercise and specifically strength training… You are on to a winner and you in 30 years time is going to thank you.

What is protein?

The recommended daily amount of protein per day is widely considered in the health and fitness industry to be too low.

It is 0.8g per kg of body weight. So that means someone who weighs 60kg should have 48kg per day.

Now let me point out that that is the minimum amount to avoid deficiency.

If you are looking to support and improve muscle quality – we should be aiming for more like 1.6-2.2g per kg bodyweight. So that would be 96-132g per day if you weight 60kg.

Protein doesn’t just support muscle mass, it is used for all the cells in our body and supports:

  • Immune function
  • Transport around the body
  • Regulation of DNA
  • Quality of skin, hair & nails

Some examples of protein:


Chicken breast (100g = 26g P)

Rump Steak (100g = 36g P)

5% Beef Mince (100g = 27g P)


Cod (100g = 18g P)

Salmon (100g = 21g P)

Tuna (90g = 20g P) 


Egg whites (190g = 20g P)

0% Greek Yoghurt (200g = 20g P)

Plant Based:

Quorn Chicken Pieces (200g = 30g P)

Tofu (200g = 26 P) 

Chick peas (200g = 16 P)

Lentils (200g = 12g P)


There is some evidence that behind phytoestrogens supporting changing that occur during menopause.

Phytoestrogens are naturally present in plant foods.

Think flax seeds, soy beans, legumes and berries. The evidence shows they may help reduce bone loss and the frequency of hot flushes.

Disclaimer though – if you are taking HRT clear with your medical professional that it is safe to include these foods in your diet in larger quantities. Just to be safe!

Fruit and Veg

I think we are all aware that the classic 5 a day isn’t really cutting it.

I don’t think I really need to spend time banging on about the importance of vitamins and minerals we get in fruit and veg.

But where it can also come in handy during menopause is the amount of bang for your buck you get with vegetables.

You can get a huge plate of vegetables for a lot less calories than you can compared to something like a small bowl of nuts.

This is not only good for fibre and vitamins,

But remember when we mentioned your hunger levels can be impacted?

Bigger portions means feeling more full after meals.

So ensure you are aiming above and beyond the 5 a day recommendation!


Ultimately, the most important thing for you to tackle at this time – is self compassion.

It’s a huge change for our bodies that mentally can be a struggle.

It’s frustrating when all the methods you have used in the past to change your shape, may not work in the same way now.

It is more important than ever to be journalling, practicing meditation, and calling yourself out on negative self talk.

My coaching hones in on these areas to ensure that you are at a positive place mentally – to get the most out of the physical changes.

Free 3 Week Coaching Trial

A bit of background on me:

I have been working in the fitness industry since early 2019 as a personal trainer.

Remember March 2020? When the world turn upside down?

I moved most of my business to online. Which is still a relatively new way of coaching – but incredibly popular.

Now, I coach a small handful of women (and men!) face to face down in Brighton. The rest of my clients I work with remotely.

The beauty of online coaching is there are no time commitments & no location restrictions.

We mutually decide on targets and actions with your exercise, nutrition and more that will progress you to your ultimate goal.

You are then held accountable to these by myself throughout our coaching journey.

Want to give it a shot for 3 weeks and see if it’s right for you? Hit this link.


Here is my Instagram and Facebook if you want more regular fitness and nutrition tips.

Jo 🙂

Jo’s Top 5 Tips for Staying Fit & in Shape in Lockdown

Hey there! I hope you are all doing well in lockdown.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Josephine. I am an online coach, personal trainer, and also Jacqui’s daughter!

As you can imagine, being brought in an environment where health is put first, my passion in life led to helping others achieve a sustainable, healthy, fit and strong lifestyle.

Before lockdown, I was working as a Personal Trainer in a gym. When the gyms are open I still train clients 1-1. But the positive that the pandemic has given me, is that I launched my online coaching service, meaning I can coach women across the UK.

Providing a holistic approach to weight loss and fitness, women who work with me create not just a stronger body, but a stronger mind.

Now more than ever, it is so important for us to focus on health. Both mental and physical.

So, here is my list of 5 things you can introduce to your daily routine in order to shape up in lockdown!


Experienced Chiropractor and Mentor

Chiropractor – Dr Nimarta Paul MSc (Chiro), MScApp (Paediatrics) DC FRCC

Dr Nimarta is an experienced bespoke Chiropractor and Mentor offers multidisciplinary services and care, for physical, emotional, nutritional and spiritual cultivation of health and wellbeing. 

Services include Chiropractic, Cranial-sacral Therapy, Applied Kinesiology and Nutrition, Genius Biofeedback Practitioner, Mentoring for exceptional living, Spiritual healing.

She lives and breathes for a greater world also specialising in helping mothers and babies have the greatest possible start in life with chiropractic care and love.

Helping Patients Achieve Optimal Health

Dr Nimarta Paul is passionate about life, health, and fitness, helping patients achieve optimal health and be the best version of themselves. She graduated in 2002 from Anglo-European College of Chiropractic University College and later completed Masters degree in the field of Paediatric Musculoskeletal Health.  Nimarta is committed to provide and support tailor made solutions for her patients healthcare journey.


Tarland Virtual Market

Saturday 26th September 2020, Tarland Virtual Market

The Virtual Market is being brought to everyone by the organisers of the successful bi-annual Tarland Market in September 2020 in response to the pandemic situation. This is to be a part, as it usually would, of the hugely successful Tarland Food and Music Festival. The full festival will run online from Friday 25th – Sunday 27th September. There is lots of things to enjoy including fabulous local musician, Paul Anderson, Check out the page here Festival Facebook page, where it is happening. The festival is in it’s seventh year, celebrating quality local food and Tarland’s thriving music scene. Join in the fun online!


Transcending Mental Toxicity with Mind Detox

I would like to introduce you to Sandy C Newbigging’s latest bestselling book, which is just amazing and can be entirely life-changing. Here is Sandy giving you a little taster of what is inside his new book: –

Where is my baby? Is there something wrong? My tired Mum asked. “You said you’d bring him back for feeding hours ago, but nobody’s brought him.” This is the conversation that my mum had with a nurse, hours after giving birth to me, and this was my welcome to the world. Being taken from my mum to spend hours alone without care and food. It didn’t matter that it was an innocent oversight by the hospital staff. I didn’t know that then. My upset feelings came from my perhaps natural, yet misinformed perceptions, which were fuelled by what I thoughthad happened. 

Without knowing the reality of the situation, I continued on with my life unaware of the event ever happening, along with the toxic belief that had been unconsciously created that day. Subsequently, I had no idea the event and belief had been screwing with my life, from behind the scenes, for years. It wasn’t until I used the Mind Detox method (over three decades later) that the ramifications of being left alone after my birth were finally revealed and resolved.


I’ve since learnedthat even if we begin life with no spoken words, we are able to feel what’s going on from before our first breath. Later in life, we learn to use words to convey how we feel – but feelings are fuelling the formation of our beliefs from the getgo. As most of our beliefs are created before our teenage years, during a period in our life when we have little life experience, they are often misinformed and downright wrong. 

Meaning that even the earliest of events can impact our entire life – unless we proactively discover our misinformed beliefs and update them. This is what the Mind Detox method is essentially for, and why it has positively impacted thousands of lives. We have all had difficult events happen to us, and as a consequence, formed a few unhelpful beliefs that are working against us being the healthiest, happiest and most successful versions of our self. 


MindDetox finds and fixes the mind-based causes of physical, emotional and life problems. If something negative is happening in your body or your life and you don’t know why, then this method can help. You can get peace with the past and,in doing so, update any misinformed beliefs that have been messing with your physical wellness, mental positivity and life success. You can discover that when you change your mind, by choosing to perceive your past, present and future in a new light, the body can heal and life improve, quickly. 

As the name suggests, Mind Detox is a tool for letting goof anything toxic that is preventing you from being at your best. I believe we are born with brilliance built in, but if we are holding onto unresolved stuff from the past, it is harder to engage our natural states of inner peace and immense potential. Whether it is hurt, rejection, anger, resentment, guilt, grief, fear or sadness, for example, you can let go and be clear of it all, to the point that your past no longer limits you, or causes you upset, stress or suffering. 


Peace with the past is possible. I know this from successfully Mind Detoxing hundreds of people, many of whom with rather extreme events and experiences needing resolved. How we perceive past events determines whether we endure problems or experience peace. Are we looking through a mental lens that is clouded by toxic assumptions, beliefs or attitudes? If so, we lack pure perception. 

These three elements distort our remembering of things that have happened in our past and justify a reactive resistance towards what we thinkhappened. The combination of impure perception and reactive resistance creates chronic stress, negative emotions, problematic behavioural patterns and,in some cases, illhealth. In short, if there is an absence of peace with the past, then we can be sure there is also an absence of pure perception. 

Our perceptions are pure when we see the entirety of reality, as it actually is, rather than seeing a falsified edited version of reality, based upon our assumptions, beliefs and attitudes. 

Return to Reality for Resolution 

Being at peace with the past requires us to return to the truth of reality, where resolution is waiting for us. Until we do this, our life is usually defined and determined by a series of fictitious fantasies, imagined by our mind, which are only a relative reality (similar to a dream or convincing story). It is the stories that we make up and tell ourselves about life – distorted by our impure perceptions – that hurt and hinder us over time. When we uncover the truth of reality, we automatically and immediately find the hidden treasures of forgiveness, wisdom, understanding and acceptance. 

If truth and the prize of peace is what we want, we must be willing to question our assumptions and challenge our beliefs stemming from what we thinkhappened. We need to instead see what reallywent on. Mind Detox involves the answering of a series of questions that help us to discover the truth of any given situation and,in doing so, find resolution in the recognition of reality. Here are three introductory questions to ask now to get started:

  • Are my facts about what happened actually fictions?
  • Is the realproblem my perceptions of the past? 
  • Do I want to be right or do I want to be at peace?

The simple act of questioning your assumptions can crack open an inner door through which peace becomes more possible. Little can be done to improve things if you are adamant that the past happened how you currently believe it did. However, if you are open to perceiving your past with fresh eyes and from a more empowered perspective, then the complete 5-Step Mind Detox method can work wonders. 


Sandy C. Newbigging is the best-selling author of several books and creator of globally-used Calmology techniques. His new book ‘MIND DETOX: Discover and Resolve the Root Causes of Chronic Conditions and Persistent Problems’is out now.