About Our Comfrey Ointment

Comfrey Ointment Benefits

An artisan product, from plant to jar.  Fully connected with the earth, sustainably harvested and packaged.   For more than 20 years we have been receiving great feedback from our UK customers.  Here are some of the comfrey ointment benefits that they have enjoyed (and reported back): 

  •  emollient and soothing for skin 
  •  helpful for minor scars and blemishes.
  • regeneration and repair properties
  •  minor cuts and bruises
  • gentle for  sensitive skin
  • GM free and no animal testing
  • no synthetic ingredients
  • a truly natural product containing only wild-crafted and organic ingredients.
  • recyclable packaging

The optimum time to apply the ointment is at bedtime, while you sleep the body repairs better.  

A little is all you need when applying.  This is a balm/ointment, and so  is incredibly rich in texture.  The warmer the room conditions the less solid the balm becomes.  If really heated it will return to a liquid (this could damage the optimum efficacy of the product).   If kept in the fridge/cold it will be very solid.

Buy our premium quality comfrey ointment today.  The ointment is made from hand selected plants in a rural, protected environment in Aberdeenshire Scotland, UK.

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Do not use on major wounds or internally.