We are very pleased to introduce our new Love & Meditation organic essential oil blends.  They are both available in 10ml sizes.  We have been using them in products and through at one outlet, but we can now offer these for sale online, as many customers have been asking for them to be made available to buy as organic essential oil blends.

They are two very different blends, and here is some information to guide which one is best for your individual needs.  Perhaps each one at different times in your life would be best, you will know best, but I hope the information below can guide you.

New Love Essential Oil Blend.  Encourage more love in your life with this sensual blend. Soothe troubled emotions, calm frustrations and irritation

Love Organic Essential Oil Blends. Connect with a gentler emotion, help to open up your heart chakra and surround yourself with love.  Spiritual, family, platonic, relationship and sexual love.  You will know what is most needed in your life.

Use a couple of drops of this blend in an oil burner or diffuser.  On a tissue by your bed.  Or diluted in a carrier oil of your choice for use on the body.

Contains organic oils of ylang ylang, sweet orange, patchouli and absolute of jasmine.

New Meditation Essential Oil Blend. Encourages meditation by calming the soul, clearing the mental chatter from your mind. Meditation Organic Essential Oil BlendConnect spiritually with the help of this blend.  A balanced connection with the higher resonance of frankincense along with the grounding effect of vetivert and sandalwood. An ultimate de-stress when life is busy. Allow the depth of this blend stroke away the days worries.

Use a couple of drops of this blend in an oil burner/diffuser, on a tissue by your bed, or within your carrier oils of choice for use on the body.

Contains,organic essential oils of frankincense, lavender, sandalwood & vetivert

We have a special introductory 15% off both organic essential oil blends.  Use the code 15BLENDS at checkout. This offer runs from Wednesday 24th February until Wednesday 2nd March 2016 and is only available on online orders.

We hope that you enjoy using our new Love & Meditation organic essential oil blends.