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Love Essential Oil Blend 10ml

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Love Essential Oil Blend - encourage more love in your life with this sensual blend. Soothe troubled emotions, calm frustrations and irritations. Connect with a gentler emotion, help to open up your heart chakra and surround yourself with love - spiritual, family, platonic, relationship and sexual love - you will know what is most needed in your life.

Use a couple of drops of this blend in an oil burner or diffuser, on a tissue by your bed, or diluted in a carrier oil of your choice for use on the body.

Contains organic oils of ylang ylang, sweet orange, patchouli and absolute of jasmine.

Our Love blend is in our luxury Collection of products - I Am Calm Love Aromatherapy After Shower, Bath & Body Oil, Love Aromatherapy Pulse Point Roller Ball and Love Soap.

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