Top Ten Mother’s Day Gifts – Organica J

four jars on basket 2Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so you’re already probably thinking about what your going to treat your Mum to this year. Luckily, we’re here to help with a list of perfect Mother’s Day gifts to pamper your much loved parent!

Your Mum deserves the very best, and our products are organic, luxurious and top quality. So read on to find the perfect gift!


Comfrey Ointment – Top Ten Uses

jars of comfrey ointment

three sizes of comfrey ointment jars

Welcome back to Top Ten Uses! This week we’ll be straying from the usual topic of essential oils and instead focusing on our comfrey ointmentsSo here’s some helpful uses for our Comfrey Ointment.

1.  Hacks in hands and feet.
2.  Helpful for over used or tense muscles
3.  After a sprain or strain
4.  Ligament or tendon issues.
5.  To ease pain in joints, eg fingers, shoulders, knees
6.  Bed sores
7.  Minor wounds
8.  Scar tissue
9.  Eczema-prone skin
10. After fractures & breaks (supports the muscle and tissue structure around the break or fracture)

If you feel this ointment would be useful for you, you can buy it here from Organica J.

Tune in next week for another Top Ten Uses and comment below what you would like to see next!

Calendula Ointment – New 120ml size

After listening to our customers, we now have a larger size of jar available.  It is of course jammed full of our gorgeous yelllow/orange calendula ointment which is made from 100% organic ingredients.

I use the calendula macerated in sunflower oil a lot in my aromatherapy practice often blended with other carrier oils and essential oils.   The calendula macerate is the main ingredient in my ointment.   It is really helpful for lots of skin issues – it calms an inflamed skin such as rashes & sunburn   Cracked and damaged skin can respond well to treatment with calendula.  Eczema and psoriasis procalendula image for blogne skin can be extremely difficult conditions to manage, but often I have had customers report good benefits with using calendula.


Calendula – new 2014 organically grown flowers from Aberdeenshire

I have been lucky enough this year to get some beautiful calendula flower heads from organic farmer, John Fraser ,from Aberdeenshire, Scotland.  I am preparing them for macerating the petals in organic sunflower. Calendula for websiteThey are just a stunning colour and brimming full of lovely summer goodness.  I know they will make a fantastic macerate for using in my calendula ointment – hopefully the final macerate will be a rich orange colour – I can’t wait to see.