Ylang Ylang Essential Oil – Top Ten Uses

Welcome to another of Organica J’s Top Ten Uses! This month I will be focusing on 10 helpful uses for Ylang Ylang essential oil (cananga odorata). 

As a clinical aromatherapist, I have used ylang ylang in a lot of treatments! I also have ylang ylang as an important component of my ‘Love’ blend, The name means ‘flower of flowers’, which gives you a clue to its fragrance. It is used a lot in perfumes. As it such a ‘heady’ fragrance, you only need to use a little to have the effect that you require – less is more with this oil.

It has always been traditionally known as an aphrodisiac, which. will be because of its hugely calming, relaxing properties, but pigeon holing this oil is a mistake, it has so many applications. It is simply a fantastic addition to a blend. My favourite mix – in my ‘Love’ Blend is sweet orange, ylang ylang, patchouli and jasmine. These oils just have a fabulous synergy together.

Here are my opinion of the top ten uses of beautiful ylang ylang

1.  Softens and balances moisture in the skin
2.  May help to reduce high blood pressure
3.  Calming for anxiety and shock.
4.  Stabilising when you are feeling emotions of anger or rage
5.  Gently, but powerfully uplifting
6.  Can be useful for sexual issues that arise from anxiety.
7.  Can be helpful for moderating menstrual mood swings
8.  It blends well with many oils, such as clary sage, lavender, neroli, frankincense and rose geranium.

9.  Can be very helpful to aid relaxation and so sleep.

10.  it is a reputed aphrodisiac, perfect to use in a sensual blend.

The ylang ylang essential oil that I have in stock is from Madagascar. There are four or five distillation grades of Ylang ylang, these are premier, extra, first, second and third. I like to use the ‘complete’ ylang ylang, which is a blend of ylang ylang extra and grade 1 and 2. Which allows it to be more economic and accessible, but I feel, with no real compromise to the quality of the oil.

Ylang ylang has a powerful floral and sweet fragrance

The tropical tree is mainly found in Indonesia and Madagascar and flowers all year around in these climates. It is a light yellowish colour liquid.

If you wish to use this oil on skin always blend in a carrier oil, as a rough guide 1 drop of blend to 5ml of carrier oil

If you feel this would be a useful oil for you, you can buy organic Ylang Ylang Essential Oil from Organica J.

For using essential oils for specific or complex medical problems always contact a qualified aromatherapist or check with your GP.