We are delighted to announce that the first batches of the fresh new comfrey oil macerate from the 2014 harvest is readyto buy now.  It has been a fairly quick harvest season this year, and I love the quality of this macerate.  It is so green and full of goodness, which bodes extremely well for all the existing products that we use comfrey in – Comfrey Ointment, Gardener’s Hand Balm, Reflexology Foot Balm and Herbal Foot Balm, PLUS  a new exciting product that I am in the process of developing – more news on that very soon.Comfrey Oil Macerate 2014

Comfrey History

Remember that comfrey has been used since ancient times – one of the old names is ‘knitbone’, for broken bones, ligaments, tendon damage.  It has also been used in skincare for blemishes, scars, minor cuts and abrasions.  Also historically used for rheumatic & arthritic issues for anti-inflammatory properties.  Through research it is now thought that the allotoin is active in enhancing cell regeneration.

Great prices for our comfrey oil  – same as 2013.

We have managed to keep the prices for the comfrey oil macerate  unchanged for this year – 100ml £5.99 and 50ml £3.50, so great value for money.

I am always delighted to help with any queries on our comfrey oil that you may have.