Bank of comfrey plants May 15

Comfrey plants on bank in sunshine

close up comfrey flower

Flower of comfrey plant

After a good season with fairly long spells of dry  weather (although not too warm here), we have now finished the comfrey harvest 2015.  The comfrey plants are fine this year and because of the cooler weather, it makes harvesting easier as the plants in the sun are ready first.. We then progress to the plants that are in more sheltered areas, as they are ready later.   The pictures are taken after the harvest, and as you can see we make no visual or environmental damage to this area of private ground in a wonderfully rural setting in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 

We are now working on producing our 2015 comfrey macerate, the first batch of the macerate is ready now and for sale online.  Order your fresh comfrey macerate now for optimum quality.