At the start of the comfrey harvest 2014, we shot a little video to show you how untouched and rural the area in Aberdeenshire, Scotland is where we harvest the comfrey leaves each year to make our comfrey oil macerate.  We then use the comfrey oil as a main ingredient in our comfrey ointment, gardener’s hand balm, herbal foot balm and the reflexology balm along with organic carrier, essential oils and beeswax.

The harvest is done completely sustainably in a private piece of ground, we can ensure that the final products are overseen by us from start to finish and so can completely guarantee the quality of the product.  We make small batches of all products on a regular basis to ensure the freshest possible contents for our valuable customer.

We enjoying selling, not only online, but through special outlets, such as farm shops and local markets.  Where we can meet our customers face to face and share our story.

Please click on the link below to watch our short video

Comfrey Harvest 2014 by Organica J