Self Isolation Fitness and Wellbeing Advice Group

Organica J and Josephine Christie Fitness

My daughter, Josephine Christie, a Personal Trainer in Brighton, and I have set up our Self Isolation Fitness and Wellbeing Advice Group on Facebook.

The aim of  our Group is to help people to cope better with what we are all facing at the moment in this health crisis. When we both discovered that our businesses would be hard hit along with our many clients who are either working incredibly hard at the front line, or in their businesses or are finding themselves at home in lockdown and self-isolation. We wanted to do something that would provide them and everyone who wants to join us with some things that can help.


Coping with Anxiety – Essential Oils to help.

This is an unprecedented time in our lives, where we are all coping with things that have not been faced before. I would like to offer you some reassurance that this is where essential oils can provide a welcome uplift and calming effect to help you cope with anxiety. My Monday aromatherapy practice with my small band of regular clients has of course been stopped just now, and I want to use the time to offer them and you all some helpful information to allow you to bring some calm and steadiness into your life.

Some of us will have essential oils already at home that you can use. either in an electric diffuser, oil burner, drops on a tissue placed nearby you – for inhalation. Below are some single oils and blends to use in this way

For use on the body, there are ready blended oils that you may have, or you can purchase from me or elsewhere, or alternatively blend your own, I offer some blends here for you to try.

You may already have a very good quality olive oil in your cupboards for cooking use, this can be very handy for adding essential oils to for use on the body.

As it is not so easy to just get hold of specific measuring tools right now, perhaps – something we probably have access to are spoons! Using a dessert spoon gives approximately 15ml of carrier oil (for use on body), whereas a teaspoon gives approximately 5ml (for use on face).

So which oils have I been reaching for right now to calm anxiety:  neroli,  petitgraincypressfrankincenselavender, bergamot, sweet orange, jasmine, rose geranium, ylang ylang and vetivert. A long list – but trying to shorten it, I found I didn’t want to exclude any of these.

I would also be using rose otto, but I sadly cannot right now get supplies, so I am using what I have left in stock in my Rose Heaven Blend, which is an ultimate blend of rose geranium, petitgrain, bergamot and rose otto. A synergy that works on uplift, balance and reassurance, soothing – anti-anxiety. (I also have a rose heaven organic soap)

The oils in the list can be used on their own, but I think some would find cypress and vetivert quite unusual on their own (I couldn’t live without either) and blending them with some of the sweeter oils, such as jasmine, neroli or rose geranium may be more pleasurable on most noses.

 I am deliberately using low levels of essential oils, to help you cope with anxiety in these emotional circumstances it is definitely a case of ‘less is more’ with essential oils.  The first choice of essential oil blend would probably be 1 drop neroli , 2 drops frankincense, 1 drop cypress.  

Another two blends helpful blend would be  1 drop jasmine, 2 drops lavender, 1 drop frankincense.  Or 2 drops sweet orange, 1 drop ylang ylang, 1 drop vetivert.  Use these blends in the same way as suggested above.

As I mentioned above use these blends in a diffuser, or oil burner.  Alternatively the way I prefer to use a pure essential oil blend is on a tissue by my pillow overnight.

Lavender Essential Oil for Grief and Loss

If you would like to use the blend on your body, mix these essential oils with a carrier as I mentioned earlier, such as olive or sunflower, which you may have available in the kitchen cupboard. The quantities that I give here in the blends would be fine in 10-15ml carrier. If you are using on the face I would only be using 1 drop of the combined blend in a teaspoon of carrier oil – or maybe you would prefer to use just a single oil for this such as lavender, frankincense, neroli or rose geranium. Online in my website I offer the richer oils – rosehip, evening primrose and jojoba for ultimate moisture and skincare.

My recommendation would be to use a blend that you like the smell of very much, and the gentle, comforting fragrance will soothe you when you need it most and help you cope with anxiety.  For an ‘off the shelf’ ready made blend for use on the body, you could find our Aromatherapy Bath & Body Oil Restful Evening which contains lavender, rose geranium and roman chamomile, very helpful indeed. Restful evening is also available in roller ball, pulse point format for direct application to wrist pulse points, behind/below ears. At bedtime can be used on front of chest and/or a tiny application on temples either side.

I hope that this is helpful for you to cope with anxiety – everyone will enjoy different oils/scents and blends and everyone reacts differently and copes with things in a different way.   No one size fits all. The joy of essential oils is there are so many different oils to choose to suit our differing needs and when you blend them together they give a more powerful synergy – and create a completely new fragrance.  You can tweak the amounts of each essential oil in the blends you make, which will create yet another fragrance.  Find an oil or blend that really resonates with you right now.  Be aware also as you journey forward through processing all these emotions around right now, you may be drawn to different oils or blends, and I would recommend that you listen to your own inner guidance on this.

Be gentle with yourself, and take time to take care of yourself in these challenging times. If you can at all find times just to be still at some point in your day and use your essential oils to support this stillness and promoting calm. Even if it is just a few minutes a day, but ideally 10-20 minutes twice a day. Keep well and safe.

If you have a complex medical history/medications always check with your GP before using essential oils, or ask a qualified aromatherapist

Optimum Health This Winter with Dr Chris Fenn

It didn’t make sense at first. Busy and stressed during the week, she felt worse at the weekends – when she had time to cook and eat well! Constant headaches and tiredness dragged her down and, as a keen runneChris Fenn Nutrionistr, even a relaxing jog didn’t shift her sore head. Her eating habits of quick sugary snacks and coffee at work meant that the headaches were due to caffeine withdrawal during the weekend. A few simple changes, and she describes her life as “joyful” now. What do you eat, and how do you feel? I can help you to understand how YOUR eating habits are affecting your health. If you are confused about food and nutrition information, I can explain the facts behind food labels. You will make better food choices – no longer muddled by myths and misunderstandings. I contribute to corporate health programmes and have helped stressed executives and athletes improve their mental and physical performance. My latest book “Grounds for Concern” is all about caffeine – and how it can drain your energy. See my website for more details, or send me an email to discuss your needs and book an appointment.

Email –

Phone – 013398 82487



50+ Festival, Aberdeen 2015 – Organica J Aromatherapy Talk and Workshop

50+ Festival Aberdeen September 2015

As part of the 50+ Festival in Aberdeen, Organica J will be doing an aromatherapy talk and workshop on Wednesday 2nd September at Marischal College.  This is a great festival with lots going on for the 50+ folks to take part in, learn stuff at, dance, or just simply sit back and enjoy.  It is organised by Aberdeen City Council with lots of local sponsors.

This is the 13th year of the 50+ Festival and it runs from 1-11 September 2015.  There are activities in various venues across the city including, Beach Ballroom, ACT Aberdeen, Blue Lamp, Music Hall and the heated Giant Marquee at the iconic Marischal College Quadrangle.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

Jacqui Christie, Organica J




Top Ten Uses for Rose Geranium Essential Oil

220945274Welcome to another week of Organica J’s Top Ten Uses! This week will be focusing on 10 helpful uses for Rose Geranium essential oil (also known as pelargonium graveolens). For using essential oils for specific medical problems always contact a qualified aromatherapist.

Here’s our Top Uses:

1.  balancing on skin
2.  balancing on hormones
3.  pmt and menopause
4.  helps dispel tension & stress
5.  can be helpful for eczema
6.  for bruising
7.  minimising cellulite
8.  for athletes foot

If you feel this would be a useful oil for you, you can buy it here from Organica J.

Tune in next week for another oil in another Top Ten Uses and comment below what you would like to see next!