Can you imagine anything more lovely than an amazing massage treatment to help you relax on holiday?  During a recent family holiday to celebrate my Dad’s 80th birthday in Madeira, my daughter, Mother-in-Law and I enjoyed amazing treatments with Erika Azkue and her brother David.  My daughter, Josephine and I had an Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage, which Erika explained is a full body massage.

We arrived at her family property not too far from the sea, to a warm welcome.  I went in first for my treatment, while my daughter relaxed in the partial shade of a pretty courtyard garden and enjoyed fresh fennel tea.  My Mum-in-Law, Hazel, had her reflexology treatment with David (also an osteopath) outside in the courtyard – bliss she said, but highlighted for her that she needed to book in some regular reflexology treatments on  her return from holiday, as he had expertly picked up areas that needed further work.

My experience in Erika’s lovely treatment room, it was just so natural with the sun gently coming  in to warm the room, but yet private.  I was also warmed with the oils blended with  herbs. Although I have experienced many forms of massage over the years of training and since, I  had never experienced an Ayurvedic massage.  As always, I know that the therapist is key to your t  treatment, and Erika’s touch was both gentle, soothing and restorative.  Smoothing out the knots  that had gathered in my shoulders and neck over a hectic pre-holiday rush with my business.  I  felt the niggly cares and worries of life also drift away during the treatment and felt that I reached  a meditative state by the end of the massage, with a clear mind.

Due to the different nature of this Ayurvedic massage, using a wipeable couch and a large amount of oils, there were some wonderful movements that I would not be able to emulate on a cloth covered couch, in particular Erika had one hand on the anterior of my body and one underneath, where she moved both her hands and arms simultaneously diagonally from thigh to shoulder across my breast bone, repeated and also from the other side of my body – what a spectacular movement – I found it freeing and comforting. P1010450

After the treatment relaxing in the garden with the fresh fennel tea awaiting my daughter, Erika’s Mum, who had very little English (but better than my Portugese!) showed us the wild herb garden, and gave me some lavender leaves and one of my favourite scents – lemon verbena (found in my lemongrass heaven pot pourri) – they are dried and back home with me.

Thank you Erika for a truly amazing holistic treatment, which gave me balance and calm to really get the most out of my holiday.

Erika Azkue, Ayurveda and Yoga, rua dos louros 5B, Funchal, Madeira.

0351 967 853 451