Enjoy aromatherapy & reflexology with an experienced aromatherapist and reflexologist, who is practicing Banchory,Julie Buchan 02 Aberdeenshire.   I would like to introduce you to Julie Buchan.
Julie uses oils by Organica J and is looking forward to welcoming new clients at her practice.
Julie sees clients in a comfortable and truly relaxing room in the Banchory Business Centre, where she can provide you with aromatherapy massage and reflexology therapy complimented with essential oils chosen specifically for you and your needs.  Whether you want to feel re-energised with circulation boosting reflexology or simply want the stresses and strains of the day lifted away, you will experience the wonderful benefits of aromatherapy.
For more information, or to book your appointment for aromatherapy & reflexology, you can call her on 07817 471236 or visit her Facebook Page – Julie Buchan Massage, Aromatherapy & Reflexology.