Wild Way Retreat at Summer Solstice 2024


Discover Your Wild Self Connecting with Nature

Immerse yourself in an empowering WILD WAY RETREAT with Andrea & Lucy

at Summer Solstice at the beautiful and peaceful Embercome in Devon inclusively from Thursday 20th June til Sunday 23rd June 2024.

This retreat is exclusively for women and there are only limited places available.

Join us for a transformative 3-night retreat surrounded by peaceful and lush shared spaces.

Andrea and Lucy have designed and created this unique experience to bring you a retreat like no other.

The wild way retreat is especially and only for women and it offers you

a profound journey of self-discovery, growth, and connection with nature.

Highlights of this wild way retreat include:

Solstice Celebration: 
share this magical time of renewal.

Nature Immersion: connect deeply with the natural environment at Embercombe.
Spiral Walk: take a symbolic journey of self-reflection.

Holistic Practices: meditation, dreamwork, movement, crafting, group-work,
oracle card readings, and more, to deepen your connection with self and nature.

Shared Space: be present with like-minded women in a supportive and restorative environment.

Andrea and Lucy’s aims for your wild way retreat experience

  • Feel calmer, connected, and embodied
  • Gain insight into your triggers and patterns
  • Step into your unique power
  • Gain clarity about what you want and need for yourself
  • Feel free to be you and explore new things
  • Feel rested and relaxed
  • Explore and express emotions in a safe and professionally held environment
  • Supported by nurturing new friendship

Reserve your spot for this empowering retreat by contacting Andrea & Lucy at contact@lucyfurniss.co.uk

Or go here for more information

Meet Your Retreat Guides Andrea Hobbs and Lucy Furniss

Lucy Furniss
Experienced Gestalt Therapist and Wild Therapist

We are delighted to introduce Lucy Furniss, an experienced Gestalt Therapist and Wild Therapist, who will be guiding you through transformative experiences during the Wild Way Retreat.

Background: With a rich background in Gestalt Therapy and Wild Therapy, Lucy has been actively working with individuals and groups in and around the New Forest and Bournemouth since 2016. Her private practice reflects her commitment to guiding others to discover and expand their inner wisdom and strengths.

Guiding Philosophy: Lucy is passionate about helping you to find your inner wild and living a spontaneous and creative life, and is dedicated to supporting you on an enriching journey of self-discovery. She believes in helping individuals connect with their inner selves, fostering psychological growth and healing. Her unique approach involves exploring and nurturing your connection to the outdoors, with a belief that the natural world has much to teach us and transformative potential.

Environmental Advocacy: Beyond personal well-being, Lucy is committed to protecting and healing our planet. She actively advocates for humanity to find its place as an integral part of the natural world, emphasizing the importance of harmony and interconnectedness.

Personal Touch: Lucy finds her greatest joy outdoors, often seen walking her dog, and immersing herself in the restorative surroundings of the forest, beach and water. Her connection to nature is not only a professional commitment but a deeply personal and fulfilling aspect of her life.

Experience Lucy’s calm presence, therapeutic guidance and knowledge as part of this Wild Way Retreat, to support you in an inspiring journey, bringing you to a deeper relationship with yourself and the world around you.

More about Lucy: For more detailed information about Lucy’s work and extensive experience, you can visit her website www.lucyfurniss.co.uk

Andrea Hobbs Experienced crafter-artist, Wild & Art Therapist, Meditation Mind Calm Coach, Tarot and Oracle Card Guide.

Joining us on this transformative journey is Andrea Hobbs, a seasoned expert in various realms of creativity, mindfulness, and therapeutic practices. Andrea brings a wealth of experience and a unique blend of skills to enhance your Wild Way Retreat experience.

Background: Originally trained in Art Therapy and now as a Wild Therapist, she also works for a charity. Andrea is dedicated to the holistic well-being of individuals. Her journey has led her to become a certified Meditation Mind Calm Coach, a facilitator for mindfulness art & craft groups, and a skilled guide in the realms of tarot and oracle cards.

Guiding Philosophy: Andrea offers a distinctive blend of wild creativity and intuitive pragmatism to every experience. Her approach is rooted in the belief that exploring our creativity, connecting with nature, and delving into the intuitive self can lead to profound personal transformation. She has traversed a path of alternative spirituality for over four decades, exploring a myriad of avenues and paths, and returning to nature as a primary source wisdom.

Connection to the Unseen: Andrea’s deepening connection with the unseen aspects of life infuses a unique energy into the Wild Way Retreat. Her observations will open doors to the mystical dimensions, fostering an explorative and transformative experience. By blending the mystical with her well-grounded approach, she creates a harmonious balance that can guide you through your own journey of self-discovery.

Personal Touch: Andrea is based in the picturesque County Durham. Her happiest moments are spent in nature, whether it’s the simple joy of sitting beneath her favourite oak tree with her dog in the ancient woodland close to her home, or exploring the untamed beaches of Northumberland, scanning for driftwood, shells and pebbles.

Prepare to be guided by Andrea’s vibrant expertise as you embark on this journey of self-discovery, creativity, and connection during the Wild Way Retreat. Be prepared to embrace the wisdom of nature and uncover your own beauty and power.

More about Andrea: For more detailed information about Andrea and her expansive portfolio, please visit her website at andreahobbs.co.uk.


  • Date & Time: June 20th-23rd, 2024
  • Location: Embercombe, Devon
  • Exclusively for Women

Activities Include:

  • Meditation
  • Dream Circle
  • Group Sharing
  • Quiet Sits with Nature
  • Movement
  • Oracle Cards
  • Creative expression
  • Spiral Walk


For more detailed information and to book your place, please contact Lucy and Andrea at contact@lucyfurniss.co.uk

Or go here for more information

Investment: £625 (includes full guidance, all food and accommodation)