Petitgrain Essential Oil – Top Ten Uses

Welcome to another of Organica J’s Top Ten Uses! This month I will be focusing on 10 helpful uses for Petitgrain essential oil (citrus uranium var. amara). 

When working as a clinical aromatherapist, I love using petitgrain. It has been known in the aromatherapy circles as a ‘poor mans neroli’ as it is less expensive than its sister oil neroli (from the blossom of the orange tree).

But in my opinion, it very much has its own special place in aromatherapy. It is beautiful and so uplifting and comforting. I have a friend, and colleague in Aromatherapy, that loves to wear it as.a perfume.

Here are my opinion of the top ten uses of lovely Petitgrain

1.  Insomnia especially if that is through loneliness and or emotional upset.
2.  Uplift of mood
3.  Stabilising skin – a tonic effect especially oily
4.  Refreshing and deodorising
5.  Comforting after illness and upset of modd
6.  Soothes irritability and frustration
7.  Calming for digestive system
8.  It blends well with many oils, such as lavender, sweet orange, rose, geranium to create a great synergy

9.  May be helpful for S.A.D.

10.  it has antiseptic properties

The petitgrain I have in stock right now is from Paraguay . The petitgrain essential oil has a gorgeous fresh, floral scent with a woody tone. It is produced from the leaves of the bitter orange tree.

The tree is native to China and India, but is cultivated in temperate climates, such as France, Paraquay, Italy and Spain. Petitgrain is an evergreen tree. It is steam distilled. Petitgrain essential oil is a pale yellow or light amber coloured liquid.

If you wish to use this oil on skin always blend in a carrier oil, as a rough guide 1 drop of blend to 5ml of carrier oil

If you feel this would be a useful oil for you, you can buy organic Petitgrain Essential Oil from Organica J.

For using essential oils for specific or complex medical problems always contact a qualified aromatherapist or check with your GP.