Organica J and Josephine Christie Fitness

My daughter, Josephine Christie, a Personal Trainer in Brighton, and I have set up our Self Isolation Fitness and Wellbeing Advice Group on Facebook.

The aim of  our Group is to help people to cope better with what we are all facing at the moment in this health crisis. When we both discovered that our businesses would be hard hit along with our many clients who are either working incredibly hard at the front line, or in their businesses or are finding themselves at home in lockdown and self-isolation. We wanted to do something that would provide them and everyone who wants to join us with some things that can help.

My weekly aromatherapy practice on a Monday, has of course been stopped and many of my outlets selling my organic products have been closed. Josephine has found that some of her clients wish to retain her where they can. We talked together wondering how we could reach out and offer help to not only our clients but to everyone to support them through this crisis with fitness and health and wellbeing. We also realise that many folk are not now in the same position financially either and so we are offering FREE access to fitness classes, hand washing, hand and skincare and essential oil information videos for anxiety, stress and lots lots more.  

Josephine is running 6 classes a week just now, the timetable is published on the group each week. Phew! I’ve been doing a few and feeling so much better. I am doing information videos on aromatherapy and skin care – the topics I have covered so far are Balms for sore hands with hand washing and how which soap you use to wash your hands can make a difference to how they are impacted. My next video will be on managing anxiety with essential oils and there will be many more topics to follow. Clients are coming to me on the phone and in social media daily with different questions which I will endeavour to cover in the videos too.

We have been talking to other fitness, health and wellbeing professionals who are kindly offering their support by linking to us in the Group. A special thanks to Lynne Wilson – One Soul Yoga, Dr Chris Fenn Nutritionist , Patrick Roland Jenkins – personal trainer, who have already posted some incredible classes and information.  We are going to add lots more as people find time to stabilise a little and can contribute – including more yoga and meditation, music, ayurveda recipes and writing workshops.

Lynne is running a weekly yoga class on a Monday morning and a meditation class on Wednesday evenings. I am so enjoying them. Chris is providing us with nutrition advice which is incredibly helpful in this crisis. Patrick is running regular fitness & yoga classes which you can link to through his page.

We are hoping that you can find something that you will enjoy in our Self Isolation Fitness and Wellbeing Advice Group to give some much needed time out, to help us keep well and fit and calm.  

We’d love for you to join us there, click here to go to the Group now

To contact Josephine for Personal Training direct click here