Comfrey Plant May 2014

Comfrey plant May 2014

The comfrey harvest is going well this year, we have had a few days with the crop gathering and harvesting the comfrey leaves.  This is done by hand, collecting only the best leaves, harvested at the optimum time – dry and using the younger plants.  This happens in stages, mainly due to the fluctuating weather here (although we can’t complain too much this year!) and also the plants grow in some slightly different places – some are more up to the sun than others, and so they are ready first and the more shaded parts are harvested later

New Comfrey oil macerate

The first batch of the new 2014 comfrey oil macerate is almost ready for use  – more info on that soon

Comfrey Harvest May 2014

Harvesting comfrey by hand May 2014