There is plenty time to still order our Organic Gift Boxes this Christmas.  They are either ready-made for you just simply to choLove Gift Box Nov 13ose from or  you can choose an empty Gift Box and fill it full of your own choice of organic products.

The biggest favourite this year has been our organic soaps, they come in their own organic gift boxes or on their own they make a great stocking filler.  Santa just loves his softer, moisturised skin after using our organic soaps.  Wonderful for the ladies, but also the unisex meditation, peppermint or orange and frankincenseFour small soaps gift box 13 fragranced soap makes a lovely lather for gentlemen to use for shaving or simply washing.

Other popular additions into an Organic Gift Box is the natural beeswax candles, lots of organic essential oil fragrances to choose from including the very seasonal spicy heaven and orange & frankincense.  Fill your living space with these warming Christmas fragrances, without compromising as they are entirely organic and synthetic free.  Add a calming and soothing mood to the attributes of these oils.

The Aromatherapy Bath & Body Oils are made with 100% organic carrier and essential oils.  Use directly onto your skin as a moisturiser or massage oil or add a capful to your bath and just simply relax.  Choose from Restful Evening, Nervous Exhaustion or Aching Limbs.

Let us take the work out of Christmas and  add in all the benefits of these organic products