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Gardener's Organic Gift Box

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An ideal present for the keen gardener. Suitable for ladies or gents. In a biodegradable plastic free gift box.

To keep the annoying bugs at bay, the Midges and Mozzie Balm is ideal. Then after a day in the garden enjoy the soothing, repair and easing of hands and body. Aromatherapy Bath & Body oil Aching limbs provides a luxurious bath that eases the tension out, or use direct onto the body after showering.

The Gardeners and Cooks soap with gentle exfoliation using Scottish oatmeal and honey, helps clean and refresh hands and body. Then follow ultimate regenerating and repairing with the Muscle Rub and Gardener's Hand Balm. Be ready for another day in the garden, fully refreshed.

Contains: Gardeners and Cooks Soap 45g, Gardener's Hand Balm 60ml, Muscle Rub 60ml and Aromatherapy Bath & Body Oil, Aching Limbs 50ml, Midges & Mozzie Balm 60ml.

Vegetarian friendly

Presented in a biodegradable plastic free gift box made from recycled card finished with wood wool, recycled tissue paper and rafia. Free biodegradable blank tag included too.

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