Essential oils for tummy issues.  I have had a couple of clients with some minor tummy issues recently and I would like to look at these here. Along with the possible essential oils and blends that can be helpful to alleviate the problem. 

 Indigestion is a common problem, it can be caused by food that is not properly digested, or also through stress and anxiety.  Any indigestion that gives you concern or persists over a longer period should always be checked by your GP.  

The most well known oil  for indigestion is peppermint, a good quality organic peppermint tea can be very helpful.  You can use a blend of peppermint and carrier/vegetable oil gently applied in a clockwise direction on the abdomen and rib cage to relieve the pain.  Use only 1 drop of peppermint essential oil in 10ml of the carrier oil.

For stress/anxiety causes, I would recommend still using the peppermint tea, but for essential oil blend to use as a pulse point application during the day or on the front of chest overnight would be: neroli 2 drops, frankincense 3 drops and roman chamomile 1 drop – again in 10ml of vegetable/carrier oil. This will help you to de-stress and calm, to prevent the indigestion from source.

For nausea and travel sickness you can use the blend above too.   I am not too keen on take off and landing in an aircraft and always carry a tissue with a couple of drops of peppermint oil on a tissue for inhalation at these times.  I have used this treatment for myself for so many years. So that when I forgot the peppermint on a recent holiday, I just thought about the peppermint on the tissue, and it had the same calming effect.  My brain was so used to me using peppermint in that circumstances, it has become entirely used to it.

A possible essential oil blend for nausea and travel sickness would be: roman chamomile 1 drop, peppermint 2 drop, lemon 2 drops in 10ml carrier/vegetable oil such as sunflower.  Gently and slowly rub the stomach area in a clockwise direction with the blend.  

Use this application method also for constipation, but  a suggested essential oil blend for this condition would be:  black pepper  2 drops, sweet marjoram oil 2 drops and 2 drops rosemary  – again in 10ml vegetable/carrier oil.  

For painful period cramps use the same application, with a suggested blend:  lavender 3 drops, sweet marjoram 1 drop, clary sage 1 drop in 10ml of vegetable/carrier oil.  

Alternative to this gentle massage, you may prefer to use a cold or warm compress with the oils on it. Simply place across the stomach area and renewed as needed, this can also be extremely soothing. 

I hope that this information on essential oils for tummy issues has been helpful for you. If you have a complex medical history/medications always check with your GP before using essential oils, or ask a qualified aromatherapist.