Uses for Comfrey symphytum spp

Comfrey symphytum spp

Comfrey symphytum spp and its uses.
In ancient times the herb was called ‘knitbone’,’ all heal’ or ‘woundwort’ and was used topically for healing cuts, bruises, fractures, sprains, injured tendons/ligaments, sores and skin ulcers.
On the skin, comfrey is an emollient, soothing and was used to heal scars and blemishes. It was also said to promote a youthful complexion.
Dioscorides, a greek physician, who wrote ‘Materia Medica’ in 50AD used the herb to heal wounds and broken bones.
The Latin name ‘symphytum’ means ‘heal together’
It is now believed that the allatoin (a main component of comfrey) is responsible for the growth and multiplication of skin cells.
The medium we use for maceration is organic sunflower oil, as a rich oil full of vitamins and moisturising.  Our comfrey oil macerate is effective for use in massage and can be easily blended with other carrier oils and essential oils can be added.

We use comfrey oil macerate regularly in our clinical aromatherapy practice,  for clients that needs determine that comfrey oil would be effective and approriate for their individual needs.   All our products are only suitable for topical use.

For further information here are three links to research papers on comfrey ointment. (1), (2), (3).

We  have 5 products which contain our own wildcrafted comfrey from Aberdeenshire, Scotland – the comfrey oil macerated in organic sunflower, comfrey ointment, gardener’s hand balm, herbal foot balm and the reflexology balm.

The comfrey symphytum spp is harvested by hand from deep within the rural countryside here in Aberdeenshire. We have permissions to access a private piece of controlled land for the harvest.  It is free from artificial fertilizers, pesticides and the comfrey grows completely naturally in its own environment.  The harvest takes place in either April, May or June each year (depending on the plants readiness due to weather conditions) and we choose the optimum conditions for harvesting the plant as early in the season as we can (finding consecutive dry days can be challenging!).  The comfrey symphytum spp harvest is fully sustainable and damages no part of the land.

Comfrey symphytum sppComfrey Ointment
– the wildcrafted comfrey symphytum spp is harvested by us in Aberdeenshire and macerated in organic sunflower oil to create a wonderfully rich and powerful oil. This oil is lovingly combined with other organically grown ingredients to make what we believe is a truly premium product

Gardeners Hand Balm – Great repair and deep moisturising for cut, grazed, dry or rough hands.

Herbal Foot Balm – Excellent regeneration and deep nourishment for overworked and/or damaged feet at the end of the day.

Reflexology Balm – Tested and used by reflexologists.  This product was made by request and has been so popular.  Many reflexologists also use the herbal foot balm too.

Skin SOS Balm – Protective, calming and regenerating. With the use of the carrier and essential oils this balm penetrates the skin effective nourishing to a deep level, which can be helpful on scars, also on psoriasis and eczema-prone skin. Use for new tattoos or after tattoo removal. As part of the development stage, the balm was also tested by several tattoo studios in Aberdeen, Ayr and Manchester. It was noted that the balm was most effective when used regularly and covering the whole skin area affected.

Other products full of organic ingredients by Organica J

Calendula Ointment – made with organic calendula macerated with organic sunflower oil. The oil produced is a rich orange colour and combined with organic beeswax provides a gentle soothing ointment for inflamed skin. It is calming and protecting. Great for dry patches of skin, with natural moisturising properties. Can be helpful for nappy rash, eczema & psoriasis-prone skin and cradle cap among other irritated skin conditions. Choose from 3 different sizes.

Lip Balm

Protect your lips against the elements. Enjoy the benefit of knowing you are using only natural ingredients on this delicate area. Peppermint or Natural.

Muscle Rub
A soothing gel for tired & overworked muscles made with scientifically proven Deeside Water and organic essential oils

All our organic products are handcrafted by our highly qualified aromatherapist (BSc in Complementary Therapies (Aromatherapy), Member of the International Federation of Professsional Aromatherapists)