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Neroli Pulse Point Roller Ball

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NEW!! Calming and uplifting for anxiety, low mood and issues with sleep.

One of the 'queens' of oils, neroli is delicate and gentle, but powerful orange blossom (neroli) can be very helpful with stress and depression. Highly uplifting, but sedative, it is also useful for insomnia - possibly one of the best oils for this condition. Can be used in nervous heart conditions such as palpitations and elevated blood pressure. Also soothing for nervous stomach complaints and shock. Reach for neroli pulse point roller ball when there are emotional anxieties present.

Use on pulse points on the neck or wrist when you need to access the soothing, calming blend of aromatherapy oils. Some of my clients also like using the roller ball on the upper chest area to soothe & balance.

A preservative free blend made with softening and nourishing organic jojoba, with neroli essential oil.

The essential oils will penetrate the skin and the slow-penetrating jojoba leaves the skin feeling smooth, moisturised and well nourished. Do not use on face or eye area. 10ml

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