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Jasmine Pulse Point Roller Ball

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NEW!! Comforting and confidence building for negative emotions and lack of optimism.

One of the 'Queens' of oils, heady Jasmine is renowned for its positive effect on emotions. It can be helpful for anxiety, depression and lack of energy. Jasmine is also useful in childbirth to aid contractions and for pain relief. In India it has been used for centuries and is known as' Queen of the Night' due to its scent being more powerful during the night.

Reach for jasmine pulse point roller ball when there are emotional, relationship or sexual issues present. It can help with your confidence, enhance your self-worth and dispel fears. Jasmine is often referred as an aphrodisiac.

Use on pulse points on the neck or wrist when you need to access the soothing, calming blend of aromatherapy oils. Some of my clients also like using the roller ball on the upper chest area to soothe & balance.

A preservative free blend made with softening and nourishing organic jojoba, with jasmine absolute.

The essential oils will penetrate the skin and the slow-penetrating jojoba leaves the skin feeling smooth, moisturised and well nourished. Do not use on face or eye area. 10ml

please note that the jasmine absolute is not organic (due to the method of extracting to create the absolute gives jasmine its distinctive scent), but the jojoba oil is organic.

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