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Chamomile, German (matricaria recutita)

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This herb is native to Europe. and the dried flower is used for essential oil distillation. Often referred to as Blue Chamomile due to its colour, - this is caused by the chamazulene in this oil that is formed during distillation by steam. Chamazulene has been shown in many studies to give German Chamomile its excellent anti-inflammatory properties (along with other effective components of the oil). It can therefore be helpful for muscular aches and minor skin issues

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I have used it much in my aromatherapy practice, and found the oil especially effective for help with sciatica, arthritic conditions, and with minor skin allergic conditions. I have also used it for the treatment of treatment of minor digestive issues, such as indigestion.

It is gentle on skin and good for treating minor wounds and irritated skin. It has a very herby scent in my opinion. Only a small amount is required (literally a drop or two) - blend it with lavender essential oil for minor wounds and with lavender essential oil and/or helichrysum for inflamed skin.

When blending always use the essential oil/s with a carrier oil for use.

5ml - £19.00, 10ml - £33.00

country of origin - Nepal

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