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Basil (ocimum basilicum)

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Basil essential oil is a cephalic oil, reputed to be a nerve tonic, it may improve concentration, relieve headaches and clear mental fatigue. It can be uplifting & helpful for stomach cramps and poor digestion

It can be useful for fevers, sinus congestion and flu. Beneficial for convalescence and any nervous disorder. It can be helpful in recovery after illness as a tonic for the body.

Always use diluted in carrier oils on skin and in the bath, and in very small amounts can be helpful for skin

It can be useful where indecision & vulnerability is felt.

It blends well with many oils including geranium, lavender and neroli

We use basil in our Aching Limbs Bath & Body Oil and Nervous Exhaustion Bath & Body Oil

Country of origin - Egypt


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